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The Best Travel Regions To Visit On Your Next Holiday

When people talk about holidays, vacations and world-travel, most people go to the local travel agency and pick a place based on the agent’s advice (even though the agent has never been there before) and the pretty flyers on the shelves. In most cases, this isn’t a terrible way to go about it. However, in today’s world, with all the information we have available, don’t you think it’s a little bit boring and a touch mundane? Travelling can be so much more than that with just a little bit of research and guidance. We’re here to show you a better way! Find what suits your needs and desires, get all the information you can possibly need before you make your decision and lay down your deposit, and find the dream getaway spot you never knew existed!

Beat My Path is a community of online travel bloggers who want to tell the world about their experiences. From the good to the bad, our travel guides will paint the clearest of pictures about what a travel destination has to offer, what you can’t leave without seeing, and what tourist attractions you can simply ignore. Our travel bloggers are not travel agents looking to make a commission. They have experienced the destination first-hand, and they have no bias to their stories. Our writers have nothing to gain other than informing our readers and ensuring you get everything out of your vacation that you ever wanted. All we desire is that you have the adventure you have always dreamed of. So go on, discover the world in a way you have never seen before and start on a journey of travel enlightenment with Beat My Path!


Africa - Travel Blog


The African contintent boasts fascinating colors and diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes and magnificent wildlife. It’s here where you can experience some of the last great adventures on earth! Filled with adventures and stunning natural beauty, Africa is calling for you!

Asia - Travel Blog


Asia is one of the most fascinating continents in this world, ready to impress you with its diversity of cultures, religions and landscapes! Prepare for natural beauty, spiritual splendor and sacred sites in this magical region! Make your journey to Asia the trip of a lifetime!

Europe - Travel Blog


Europe is a small but very diverse continent consisting of a dazzling variety of about 50 countries in a relatively small space. Travelling for a few weeks means you will be able to visit multiple exciting countries in one journey, offering you the travel experience of a lifetime!

Middle East - Travel Blog

Middle East

Mighty rivers and untouched deserts with huge sand dunes combine with beautiful mountains and clear marine waters. From temples to pyramids and places of worship, the Middle East is where the past is always present, offering world class attractions that simply can’t be missed.

North America - Travel Blog

North America

North America comprises the two major countries, Canada and the United States of America, making up almost the whole northern part of the American continent. This amazing region of the world will give you plenty of opportunities to experience new things, and to have a real adventure!

Oceania - Travel Blog


Oceania is a designation for the pacific island world north and east of Australia, including New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia and New Caledonia. Consisting of so many diverse island groups, Oceania has something in store for everyone, so what will your dream destination be?

South America - Travel Blog

South America

The great continent of South America consists of many fascinating countries, bursting with life and diversity. This continent is a magical world of wild and awe-inspiring landscapes, pulsating metropolises, and fascinating cultures just waiting to be uncovered!

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