The Best Things To Do On Fraser Island

There are a variety of interesting facts about Fraser Island, located on eastern coast of Queensland. It has the unique distinction of being the largest sand island throughout the world and even has rainforests and perched lakes! No other place on earth is like Fraser Island, which makes it a fun and interesting place to visit when you’re in Queensland or travelling around the eastern coast of Australia. This unique destination also blends wildness activities with resort-style amenities, making it an ideal option for any interest or lifestyle. If you really want to get outdoors and enjoy the atmosphere of Fraser Island, set up camp at one of the beautiful campgrounds on the beach.

Fraser Island must be reached by a ferry, which you can access from the Queensland coastline. Once you’re on the islands, there are plenty of possibilities to enjoy the scenic surroundings and pristine waters. One of the most popular things to do is to visit Lake McKenzie, which is known as a perched lake. These lakes have the unique distinction of being fed by rainwater after a depression is made in the sand — this is what gives the lake its interesting and beautiful appearance. There are plenty of other lakes throughout Fraser Island, as well as pools and creeks. If you like to engage in water recreation, Fraser Island is the place for you.

You can explore Fraser Island a variety of ways. For those who like a little adventure, a 4WD experience is recommended. You can either head out on a tour or hire your own vehicle to explore — if you’ve never driven on sand with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you’ll get an informative lesson before you head out on your own. Exploring the island by four-wheel-drive allows you to see the various geographic wonders of this island and there is no shortage of spectacular views!

After a day of activity, the nightlife on Fraser Island is also entertaining and enlightening. There are plenty of evening attractions — one of the most popular things to do is take a nighttime guided walk through nature reserves, which give you opportunities to see some of the wildlife in their natural habitat.


Seventy-Five Mile Beach

Seventy-Five Mile Beach is on the famous Fraser Island, and is great place to visit for either a day trip, or to stay a couple of days and really experience the natural surrounds. Bordered on one side by rainforest, this is not a beach for swimming; the currents and sharks make it too dangerous! For swimming, head to the Champagne Pools or to Indian Head – a popular spot to watch the dolphins.


Eli Creek

This is Fraser Island’s largest freshwater stream and is heaps of fun for the family. Drift down the stream on its crystal clear waters that flow at a leisurely pace, or take a walk on the boardwalk that follows the creek. Take the time to have a look at the Maheno Wreck, a ship wreck from WWII. This is a truly pristine experience.


The Pinnacles

Fraser island is UNESCO World Heritage Listed, and the Pinnacles are one of reasons why. These magnificent coloured cliffs change colours during the day; its best to visit them early morning or at sunset when the reds (from the iron compounds in the silica) are particularly vibrant. Make a trip to the Pinnacles a part of your visit to this fascinating island.


Great Sandy National Park

Visit the Sunshine Coast and you can find yourself at the Great Sandy National Park without knowing it! It covers both part of the Queensland mainland, and Fraser Island. On the mainland, it includes Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach where restaurants and bars are hand in hand with the park. Take the barge over to Fraser Island and you are still in the park, surrounded by pristine beaches and rainforest.


Lake Wabby

On the UNESCO Heritage Listed Fraser Island lies Lake Wabby, and is well worth a visit during your stay; it highlights the Island’s beauty but is also unique. This is the deepest of the Island’s lakes and holds plenty of fish. The water is coloured a beautiful green hue and it was formed by the sand dunes blocking a spring. However, just as the sand dunes created the lake, the sea will eventually take it back as it slowly wears away the sand dunes and returns them to the ocean.


Lake McKenzie

Ask a resident of Fraser island, and they will likely nominate Lake McKenzie as one of the world’s most beautiful. Why? It has no connection to streams or to the ocean, and as it perches on top of a sand dune it is filled purely with rainwater only. Take a swim and feel the difference, and come out invigorated from the experience! Surrounded by pure white, soft, sand, a visit to Lake McKenzie is a must!

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