The Best Things To Do In Zurich

Written By: Derek Ainsworth

The largest city in Switzerland and considered the heart of the European region, Zürich is filled with art, culture and history — as well as its fair share of contemporary amenities and attractions. Considered one of the most beautiful and most livable cities in the world, visitors to Zürich will be impressed by its picturesque views of the nearby rivers and lakes, as well as the plethora of museums and art galleries that are located throughout much of the city. Due to its vast number of financial institutions, Zürich often has the reputation of being one of the wealthiest cities in the world — as well as being chic and progressive in the world of art and culture.

Zürich is unique in that everywhere you look you will find remnants of old world and historic buildings — much of the historic architecture has been kept in place, particularly from the churches and small winding streets that weave throughout various neighborhoods. However, even with the old world still prevalent throughout Zürich, instead of undergoing a full transformation, the city has masterfully used the once-empty buildings and factories and transformed them into hip and contemporary living spaces and working centers.

The nightlife in Zürich is also well-known and, in fact, is home to the most clubs in the country — no matter what time you show up to a club, chances are the rest of the crowd will be just getting started! The lack of closing times and the open-air venues throughout the city make it a desired hotspot for countless visitors during the warm summer months. Zürich is also the place for art lovers to congregate – out of the 50 museums within the city alone, 14 are dedicated solely to art. One of the most beloved institutes, the Kunsthaus Zurich, features an extensive collection of photographs, paintings, sculptures and more. The Swiss National Museum is another amazing place to visit and is housed in a gorgeous castle that hosts a wide range of exhibits highlighting the cultural history of Switzerland.


Zurich Old Town (Altstadt)

A great way to start your tour of Zurich is to head straight to Zurich Old Town, and stroll along the cobbled laneways of the River Limmat. You will never be far from the city’s famous landmarks, and along the way you will enjoy the beautiful architecture of the historic buildings that blend in with the boutique shops and cafes.


Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is big: 25 mi (40 km) long and 1.9 mi (3 km) wide. At its deepest it reaches 469 ft (143 m). The water is very clean, coming off those Swiss mountains, and is used for supplying water to the cities around it. The largest of these is Zurich at around 360,000 residents.


Lake Walen (Walensee)

Lake Walen is a lake in eastern Switzerland separating the cantons Glarus and St.Gallen. It is part of a region known as Heidiland, named after the famous Heidi story by Johanna Spyri and represents these corresponding values of unspoiled nature, warmth and simplicity. The mountains rise almost vertically on all sides of the lake and nestled on little plateaus and along the shores are several traditional Swiss towns.


Rhine Falls

Take a day trip from Zurich to Schaffhausen, and visit the largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls. Watch the water drop 25-metres into the turbulent river, at a fierce pace. There are several viewing platforms, or a nearby castle from which to see the 150-metre wide falls, and you can even take a boat cruise to witness the river’s mighty power up close and personal, and get the very best experience on offer!


Jungfrau Glacier (Jungfraujoch)

Natural beauty combines with engineering brilliance when you take a trip to the Jungfrau Glazier (Jungfraujoch); a magnificent saddle connecting two towering peaks. Take the cog railway – through long tunnels and past stunning landmarks – and admire the tenacity and expertise that was demanded to achieve this transport passage. Once you arrive at your final destination – 3,454-metres above the ground – take in the stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, which stretch for miles in all directions.


Mount Titlis

Visit the highest mountain in central Switzerland – Mount Titlis – and enjoy its stunning natural beauty at the top of the world. Reaching over 3,000-metres high, experience the amazing views and the magnificent crevasses, cliffs and waterfalls, and then retreat to the creature comforts of one the beautiful restaurants on offer!


Mount Pilatus

Take a short trip from Lucerne to enjoy the fun and the grandeur offered by the magnificent Mount Pilatus. Take the cog railway or cable car to the peak, and enjoy stunning views of Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps, from a height of more than 2,000-metres. While you take in the views, there are restaurants and hotels, and for the active, you can even enjoy some hiking or tobogganing!



Take a break and enjoy a short cable car ride from Adliswil to Felsenberg, and get your bearings in Zurich while you enjoy panoramic views of the city, Lake Zurich and the Alps. Enjoy a meal at the restaurant and take a picturesque walk or cycle along the numerous tracks that provide stunning views.



Take a stroll along the charming promenade, Limmatquai, and introduce yourself to the Old Town of Zurich, where historic buildings along the bank of the River Limmat blend in with the modern-day boutique shops, restaurants and pubs. Never far from many of the city’s landmarks, enjoy the ambience and sit for a while, to people-watch as the locals go about their day.


Mount Rigi

Have a terrific day out with a trip to enjoy the spectacular views from Mount Rigi. Take a short boat ride from Lucerne, then join the cogwheel train! As you pass through lush fields and thick forests, the views of the Alps and the lake stretch out across the horizon as you arrive at the peak. This is an amazing experience that should not be missed!



Lucerne is a city of nostalgic enchantment, comprised of mythical stories and medieval architecture. As you wake in the morning to the misty haze rising from Lake Lucerne, and gaze up to the snow-capped mountain ranges which surround it, you will be mesmerized and the spell will have been cast!



Hugging the Rhine lies Basel, a modern city steeped in history. Explore the multitude of museums (there are over forty) as you stroll the streets, soaking up the medieval history and the haunting Gothic cathedrals, then take a food tour and discover the culinary delights that are scattered throughout the city. When it’s time to relax, cruise the Rhine and get a unique perspective of the city, as you glide along the water enjoying the views.



Take a bus or boat ride to Kilchberg, to enjoy the magnificent vistas of the Alps! Before you leave though, make sure you’re hungry, so that you can sample the delicious confectionary at the Lindt and Sprüngli Chocolate Factory! Steeped in history, stroll through the magnificent town to absorb the traditional culture and sights, and keep an eye out for the many events and festivals held throughout the year. The Kilchberg community loves to have fun, so why not join them for the day!



The village of Appenzell is the capital of the canton Appenzell Innerrhoden in eastern Switzerland. It is situated in the valley of Sitter, surrounded by green hills and dominated by a rural character. Appenzell isn’t a typical close-packed village and instead, is made up of free standing houses loosely grouped around the inner core.

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