The Best Things To Do In Seattle

Written By: Kristen Cook

The perfect blend between urban and scenic mountain landscape, Seattle is an appealing destination for a variety of reasons – the city has everything you could want, from quaint coffee shops and boutiques to water excursion and famous points of interest. One thing that especially draws people in from around the world is the amazing Pacific Northwest atmosphere. Summers are pleasant and mild, while winters can dip down in temperature, but are still tolerable compared to other northerly destinations. Rain and clouds also create a moody ambiance, which is appealing for those who love cozy-type weather.

Peak travel times are during late spring and fall – weather is perfect, landscape is lush and green and there’s plenty of opportunity to walk around and sightsee. Whether you have children or not, Seattle is a great place to get out and explore! The first stop on any itinerary is the Pike Place Market, which is one of the most popular points of interest in the city. It contains dozens of little shops and vendors, all selling a delicious assortment of artisan foods, produce and homemade goods using locally sourced materials and ingredients.

Professional sports are also something to enjoy no matter what time you visit – you can see the Seattle Seahawks play for the National Football League or relax during a baseball game at Safeco Field and watch the home team Seattle Mariners. One of the most iconic destinations in Seattle has to be the Space Needle, which was built for the World Fair in 1962. This famous building is a must if you want to capture breathtaking views as far as the eye can see! If you have time, check out the on-site SkyCity Restaurant, which is a revolving eatery that sits 500 feet up from the ground.

Have your plans changed because it’s raining? There are plenty of museums to explore during inclement weather, including the EMP Museum, which is a pop culture dream and contains exhibits ranging from Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana to Star Wars. The Seattle Art Museum is another option and contains artwork from famous European artists to American pop artists.


Space Needle

A great way to get your bearings in Seattle is a visit to the Space Needle. While the Needle is 184 metres high, you can take the speedy elevator to the observation deck – 158 metres above the streets below – and take in 360 degree views. Once there, soak up the magnificent views of the city, Elliot Bay, and surrounding lakes and mountains, and explore the exhibits to help work out your upcoming itinerary!


Pike Place Market

Since 1907, Pike Place Market has been a hive of activity, never stopping from dawn till dusk. Come and explore the many stalls, offering a huge variety of produce – direct from the farm – as well as fresh fish, arts, and crafts. As you explore the more than 200 stalls – where local craftspeople sell their wares – you’re likely to pick up that special memento to remember your trip! Once you have everything you need, it’s time to stop and relax at one of the many eateries on offer, frequented by many of the cities local foodies!


Seattle Center

Come down to the Seattle Centre and explore the 74 acres of parkland on offer. The complex is Seattle’s central hub for festivals, events and attractions, and there is just so much to do here! Make sure you visit the four museums located here – including the Pacific Science Centre, which is full of interactive exhibits, an IMAX theatre, and a Butterfly House! There are also nine gardens to explore, with majestic fountains scattered throughout. It really is a great day out!


Lake Washington

Lake Washington – long and narrow – plays an integral role in the life of the city. If you take a walk along the bank, you will quickly appreciate the locals’ love of the water, as they flock to enjoy its natural beauty. Walk, ride, or take to the water – the scenery is fascinating – and be sure to keep an eye out for the birdlife that makes the lake its home! And if you’re looking for the perfect place for a picnic, try Madrona Park, it’s a fantastic place to relax and it slopes gently down to a beach.


Pioneer Square

Come to Pioneer Square to experience the true history of Seattle, and explore how the neighbourhood has evolved into one of the most beautiful and trendy destinations in the city. Take a free guided walking tour, explore the boutique shops, or just relax in one of the many pubs and restaurants on offer. And for an extra special day, take the “Beneath the Streets” tour of the underground passageways that originate from the early days of the city.


Fremont District

Quirky and quaint, a visit to the Fremont District takes you into the unexpected! With a giant concrete troll and spectacular murals throughout, at every turn you will find a new twist! Sometimes referred to as the Centre of the Universe, take your time exploring the shops, restaurants and bars, and keep an eye out for the next surprise that awaits!


Mount Rainier National Park

Dominated by the towering Mount Rainier, the Mount Rainier National Park is a magnet for all those who love to enjoy nature’s bounty. Hike along the many trails, explore the wildflowers and forests, and take in the beauty of the lakes and the glaciers. Keep an eye out for the wildlife that call the park their home, and maybe even camp overnight!


Pacific Science Center

For the curious, the Pacific Science Centre is at the cutting edge of fun; spread over seven acres there are so many things to see! From technology to space exploration, and then back to nature, you can explore Butterfly Houses, the Planetarium, the IMAX theatre, and so many other interactive exhibits you just won’t get to them all! There is just so much to do and see here!


Seattle Great Wheel

A great way to get your bearings in Seattle is to take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel. Towering 175 feet high, enjoy the magnificent view of the city skyline and Puget Sound. Particularly beautiful at dusk, for an extra special trip you can also take the VIP Gondola with its glass floor! Once you’ve got your bearings on this magnificent Ferris wheel, there are lots of restaurants nearby to enjoy for the evening.


Museum of Pop Culture

As you approach the Museum of Pop Culture, the architecture tells you this will be no ordinary visit. Take in the massive Sky Church – a 5,300 square foot LED screen, with acoustics and lighting to match. Explore the galleries that will mesmerise you with topics such as taking punk to the masses and Star Trek. Visit the Sound Lab – which allows you to explore the tools used in rock-n-roll – and check out the soundproof rooms, to learn about the art of mixing! There is so much to do at this cutting edge museum!


Seattle Aquarium

While a visit to the Seattle Aquarium will take you to explore the plethora of marine creatures that inhabit the coral reefs of the world, it also provides a fascinating insight into life in the Puget Sound. Sit for a while in the Underwater Dome, and get a 360 degree view of the Puget Sound Fish. And don’t miss the open air exhibit to explore the shoreline! There are shows and exhibits, and the children just love the touch pools, so take a break and have fun at the aquarium today!


Woodland Park Zoo

Take a break from sightseeing and visit one of the country’s top zoos. A pioneer of ecosystem enclosures, the Woodland Park Zoo has many large areas shared by several species of animals. Explore the African Savanna and visit the rhinos, and see the wide variety of animals on display from Australasia. The whole family will love the elephants, the cute penguins, and the majestic Brown Bears, and there is also a special area for the kids where they can interact with the farm animals!

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