The Best Things To Do In Salzburg

Written By: Alice Woods

Salzburg is a beautiful Austrian city situated on the river Salzach, featuring numerous historical and cultural treasures. It offers many museums, monuments, and palaces from imperial times, as well as amazing parks and the beauty of its surrounding mountain areas.

Salzburg’s picturesque old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting beautiful churches, castles and palaces. Stroll along the Baroque and medieval buildings on cobblestoned streets and enjoy Salzburg’s historic charm and imperial feel. Relax in one of the many city parks and make sure to indulge in the savory local cuisine tasting one of the delicious sweet dishes and desserts it has to offer.

Salzburg and its cultural repertoire is a city for art and music lovers alike: numerous classical concerts and theater productions as well as art exhibitions can be enjoyed here. One of the cultural highlights of the year is the “Salzburger Festspiele”, a world-famous festival of classical music and theater. The city is also the birthplace of Mozart, with his townhouse now turned into a museum.

Visit sights like the Baroque Salzburg Cathedral or the opulent palace Residenz and walk up the hill to Festung Hohensalzburg, a medieval fortress overlooking the city. Take a trip to lavish Schloss Mirabell, a stunning castle with beautiful surrounding gardens.

Situated amid breathtaking scenery, make sure to go for a hike in the surrounding mountains or have a swim in one of the clear blue lakes in summer. You can go cycling, canyoning or rafting in true natural beauty. In winter, the snow-capped mountains of the Alps and high-class skiing resorts are just a short trip away! Make a stop in one of the Alpine huts and enjoy some of the delicious Austrian cuisine before sledding downhill at maximum speed!

Salzburg is a city bursting with history, offering beautiful architecture and delicious food. Add the surrounding spectacular natural beauty and you have found your gem stone of a travel destination!


Mirabell Palace and Gardens

In the heart of Salzburg, and close to the river, take some time to relax at the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. Stroll along the wide pathways that take you past the many beautiful statues, and admire the magnificent flower beds that boast a kaleidoscope of colour. There are often evening concerts held in the palace too, and parts of the interior are also open to the public, including the sweeping marble staircase!


Hellbrunn Castle (Schloss Hellbrun)

Take a short trip out of Salzburg for a fascinating trip back in time to the seventeenth-century trick water fountains! Take the guided tour, and experience the magical fountains which are designed to spray you at you at the most unexpected times! It goes without saying, you should expect to get a little bit wet here! There are water operated theatres, and grottos that are nothing short of engineering marvels. Once you’re finished with the water fountains, take the time to explore the palace and wander around the beautifully manicured gardens.


Hohensalzburg Castle

Wind your way through the Old Town and take the train up the steep slope to the Hohensalzburg Castle, a magnificent fortress dating back to 1077. The views are amazing and it’s a great place to take in the vista as you enjoy a meal. Wander around the battlements and the museums, which take you through the history of the fortress and the soldiers that lived there over the centuries. And don’t forget to check out the torture chambers as well as the horrific instruments that were used there!


Mozart Residence (Mozart Wohnhaus)

For a fascinating trip back in time, visit the amazing Mozart Residence (Mozart Wohnhaus), where Mozart lived from 1773 to 1780. The original residence was destroyed in WWII but has been lovingly restored, and the eight-room apartment has displays of documents and portraits that tell the wonderful story of that time. For a special insight, why not take a guided tour!


Salzburg Residenz Gallery (Residenzgalerie)

Lovers of European art – who are looking for a touch of local flavour – will beat a path to the door of the Salzburg Residenz Gallery (Residenz Galerie). There is a fine display of sixteenth to nineteenth century art, featuring works by Rembrandt and Rubens, as well as examples of Austrian artists highlighting Salzburg throughout the ages. Admire the amazing architecture of the building as you wander through the gallery, and enjoy the audio tour that brings the history to life!


Salzburg Museum

A great way to learn about the history of Salzburg is to visit the fascinating Salzburg Museum, and take yourself through a journey that explains how the region has developed over time. Admire the magnificent artworks and take the underground passage way to the Panorama Museum, and see the remnants of a Roman wall as you go!


Salzburg Old Town (Aldstadt)

On the southern bank of the Salzach River, you will discover the old-world charm of Salzburg Old Town (Aldstadt). Wander the cobbled laneways, and enjoy the open squares that are lined with restaurants, cafes and boutique shops. You will find many of the city’s landmarks as you wander, but take the time to admire the architecture, and watch the locals as they go about their daily lives.


Salzburg Salt Mines

Take a day trip from Salzburg for a totally different experience at the Salzburg Salt Mines. Travel through the picturesque countryside and explore the underground salt mines by train, then take a boat ride in a massive underground cavern, with great visual entertainment as you explore! Once the tour has concluded, take a break at Berchtesgaden to enjoy a meal before heading back to the city.


St. Peter’s Abbey (Stift Sankt Peter)

As you stroll around the Old Town, make sure you seek out St Peter’s Abbey (Stift Sankt Peter), which dates all the way back to 696. Admire its architecture as you approach – which is the beautiful Romanesque style – and its striking and opulent rococo interior. Once you have finished with in the Abbey, why not take a look at adjoining cemetery, which holds the graves of Mozart’s siblings!



Salzburg is proud of its favourite son – Mozart – and the Mozartplatz plays host to the city’s most prominent monument of this famous composer; an imposing statue which was unveiled in 1842. You will find it in the heart of the historical district and it’s a great place to take a quick break in between attractions!



In a city so steeped in history – and with so much to see – it can be very easy to wander past sites of amazing importance, without even noticing them, so keep an eye out for Getreidegasse! This elegant street dates back to the Roman days and was once the city’s high street. Today, you will find beautiful boutique shops, so stop for a while and admire the fascinating architecture, and if you have the time, seek out house number 9; Mozart’s birthplace!


Berchtesgaden & Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus)

Take a trip out of Salzburg and visit Berchtesgaden and Eagles Nest (Kehlsteinhaus), combining stunning scenery with history, as this was Hitler’s mountain retreat. Today, enjoy spectacular views and maybe take in a meal at the restaurant. From Berchtesgaden it is not far to the surrounding national parks, and the ski areas are also close by!

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