The Best Things To Do In Moscow

As the capital city of Russia, Moscow is the center of all things Russian — between intricate architecture and historical centers, not to mention a cultural hub for the country, Moscow has plenty to explore that will leave your itinerary packed with activity from start to finish. There are plenty of landmarks that you’ll want to stop and explore during a trip to the city — Red Square is the symbolic city center and home to many historical collections. Visiting Red Square takes quite a bit of time to explore as it’s not only St. Basil’s Cathedral, but it’s one of the most visited landmarks in the country. Once inside, you have the opportunity to explore the 16th-century Cathedral, which is now a museum for the church and features plenty of notable aspects to explore.

After spending a day in the city center or exploring the many streets in Moscow checking out boutiques and restaurants, head over to Gorky Park, which features hundreds of gardens, contemporary public arts, an open-air movie theater, and a café. This park is highly popular during the summer months, but if you happen to be visiting Moscow during the winter there is an ice rink open to the public. While in Russia, try to soak in some of the art and culture that is best known in this area — namely ballet. The Bolshoi Theatre is home to the famous opera and ballet and definitely worth the experience. Performing arts in Moscow are some of the most famous in the world. At any given time, there is some sort of production going on in a range of theaters throughout the city that are either showcasing new and contemporary premieres, or bringing back some of those iconic classics — no matter what is playing it’s truly worth visiting while you are in the capital city of Russia!

For those who love to get out shop and want to experience life as a local, GUM is a three-story shopping center with many popular and international brands.


Red Square (Krasnaya Ploschad)

Enter Red Square (Krasnaya Ploschad) through the famous Resurrection Gate and soak up the amazing history and fascinating legends of this iconic landmark. Throughout the ages, this square has played an ongoing and important role in the life of the city; as a marketplace, as the venue for coronations and military parades, and more recently, for concerts by world-renowned performers!


Bolshoi Theatre

For many, the Bolshoi Theatre is symbolic of traditional Russia; if possible, it is highly recommended that you try to see a show while you are visiting. Dating back to the 1770’s, the theatre has been fully renovated, capturing the opulence of the architecture, decorations, and the outstanding acoustics, while also incorporating modern-day theatre technologies. If you can’t catch a show, take a tour and explore the theatre with a guided tour!


The Moscow Metro

As you join the throng of commuters heading to use the Moscow Metro for their daily commute, stop for a while and admire the magnificent architecture of the older stations. You will quickly discover that the stunning landmarks of the city extend down to the underground as well! These lavish stations were known as the “palaces of the people” and have retained their charm to this day!


Gorky Park

Take time out from the hustle and bustle of Moscow, and relax in the famous Gorky Park, spread over 300-acres near the city centre, and on the banks of the Moskva River. While the park had fallen into disrepair over the years, it was re-born in 2011 and transformed into the beautiful area it is today. There’s lots to do here; you can hire a boat, take a ride on the roller-coaster, or just enjoy the cafes and the gardens as you watch the locals go about their day!


Saint Basil’s Cathedral (Pokrovsky Sabor)

Located in Red Square, you can’t miss the amazing St Basil’s Cathedral (Pokrovsky Sabor), the iconic picture-perfect church that represents the romantic image of Russia. A series of ten connected churches, admire the colourful domes and stunningly unique architecture, then head inside to explore what is now an extensive museum. Stroll through the galleries to view the magnificent art and frescoes, which date back to the sixteenth and seventeenth-centuries!


Kolomenskoye Museum & Reserve

Sprawling over 900-acres, take some time to explore the amazing Kolomenskoye Museum and Reserve. Wander through the magnificent museum that houses over 2,000 works of art, and admire the stunning replica of the Palace of Tsar Alexie, with more than 250 rooms! Beautifully located above the Moscow River, spend the day relaxing in the gardens that surround these historic buildings.


Pushkin Museum

Lovers of European art will not want to miss a visit to the Pushkin Museum! This museum – established in 1912 – has long been treated as the city’s artistic centre of excellence, and has the largest collection of European art in the city. Wander through the many galleries and enjoy a wide selection of pieces from all the masters, including Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Picasso!


The Kremlin

The iconic Kremlin overlooks the mighty Moskva River, and has been synonymous with the rulers of the country for centuries; from Dukes to Tsars, to Lenin and Stalin, and now the President of the Russian Federation. Much of the complex is open, so enjoy exploring the palaces, then climb to the top of the bell tower for spectacular views! And make sure you don’t miss The Armoury, with its magnificent collection of jewels, weapons and relics!

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