The Best Things To Do In Mexico City

Written By: Carlos González

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and can only be described as a bustling metropolis, offering everything a mega-city could offer – and more! Boasting a colonial feel in its historic center, it provides rich cultural experiences, some world-class sights and a vivid nightlife.

The historic center comprises of churches, museums, and huge colonial buildings, the “Zócalo” being the center of it all. This huge square is the heart of the city, flanked by the Metropolitan Cathedral and the historic complex of the Aztec temple “Templo Mayor” as well as its associated museum. Visit the beautiful arts center palace “Palacio de Bellas Artes” and enjoy the fine arts exhibitions or an opera or orchestral performance.

Mexico City consists of many distinctive districts, with each one having their own feel and highlights. One of the most beautiful is Coyoacán, featuring the charm of a small town with its tree lined cobblestoned streets and colorful colonial houses. Make sure to visit the beautiful “Casa Azul”, the Blue House, where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two of the most famous people of Mexican art history, used to live. If you are looking for entertainment, visit the neighborhood of Zona Rosa, with its many shops, galleries, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Due to its vastness, it is best to take the hop-on hop-off Turibus to be able to get to all the different areas and see all of the city’s sights. To best experience its dimensions, explore the “Torre Latinoamericana”, a tall tower offering amazing views of the city from its observation deck on the 44th floor! While the inner district is a pretty safe place, be careful with your belongings when walking around in Mexico City and only take registered cabs.

Visit the swimming gardens of the Aztecs in Xochimilco, gliding along its canals on a colorfully decorated boat listening to Mariachi music! Or take a trip to the impressive Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacán, climb their majestic tops and soak in the feeling of ancient culture from thousands of years ago.

This city is a busy metropolis offering lots of Mexican feeling and culture as well as entertainment to its visitors – come and explore its treasures!


Zócalo (La Plaza de la Constitucion)

Come to the Zocalo – the hub of Mexico City – where old world architecture meets modern day life. This large meeting place has been the focus of both cultural celebrations and political discord. Sit for a while and people watch as locals go about their day, or meander to several of the main attractions that are located close by, such as the art of the Palacio Nacional!


Frida Kahlo Museum (Museo Frida Kahlo)

Surrounded by trendy cafes and bars, this former home of the famous artist – Frida Kahlo – is now the Frida Kahlo Museum (Museo Frida Kahlo). Tour the rooms and gardens of the museum to gain an insight into the life of this iconic artist and appreciate some examples of her work. And if you’re hungry, there are also cheap meals to be found at the local market!


Teotihuacan Pyramids

Just north of Mexico City lies the mysterious Teotihuacan Pyramids. Whilst building commenced in 300BC they were never fully completed, and their true purpose remains a mystery. However, their grandeur is beyond question, as the complex of temples includes the third largest pyramid in the world. As you explore the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun, absorb the ancient history of a bygone era.


Murales de Diego Rivera

A visit to the Murales de Diego Rivera is to take time out form the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, and view a selection of art by the country’s favourite artist. The most famous is the massive mural “Dream on a Saturday Afternoon”, which measures 15 metres by 4 metres and takes you on a journey through the history of Mexico. Allow at least an hour to truly appreciate this work of art!


Chapultepec Castle

A visit to Chapultepec Castle is not just a visit to a fabulous museum, it is to walk through the history of Mexico. Once a palace, this castle has been a military centre and even an observatory (it’s 7000 feet above sea level). Now it is a museum, so meander through its displays and admire the beautiful gardens – it’s a great way to get some time out from the busy city!


Mexico City Alameda Central

In downtown Mexico City, join the locals and spend time exploring Mexico City Alameda Central; a beautiful park that dates to the fifteenth century. Wander the pathways and admire the fountains and the landscaped gardens! This is the place to people-watch as local residents relax in an attempt to escape the bustling metropolis.


Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana)

Head to the centre of Mexico City to experience the majestic architecture of the Metropolitan Cathedral, the seat of the archdiocese of Mexico. The architecture transcends periods, but its style is one of beauty. Take time to explore the 16 chapels that it shelters, and the artwork and sculptures that lie within its walls. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the choir and the bells that ring out over the city!


Mexico City Great Temple (Templo Mayor)

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and the discovery of the Mexico City Great Temple (Templo Mayor) is such a story. This 13th century temple was discovered in the 1970’s when tradesmen were fixing an electrical fault! As a result, you can visit this eight-ton depiction of the Aztec goddess of the moon. As excavation continues, more tressures are being found – which you can view at the nearby museum!


Plaza Garibaldi

Welcome to Plaza Garibaldi – the hub of Mexico City. Take a seat and listen to the music as it floats through the plaza and into the bars. There is no shortage of places to try the local drink – tequila – and maybe grab a bite to eat. Make sure you drop into the Museum of Tequila to learn about what your tasting!



About 45 minutes from Mexico City you will find the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco. Take a boat ride along the remaining canals and enjoy the picturesque gardens, or just listen to the silence… it is truly magical! The region was once the agricultural heartland of Mexico City – times have changed but the romance of these gardens remain a magnet!



The perfect day-trip from Mexico City, Taxco is a small but beautiful town found high in the hills of Mexico, surrounded by lush mountain ranges and towering waterfalls. With its historical wealth flowing from silver mining, Taxco is filled with fascinating baroque architecture, with culture flowing through every street.

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