The Best Things To Do In Frankfurt

Written By: Mercedes Taylor

Home to many of the financial giants — including the European Central Bank — Frankfurt is known as a financial hub to the region and is one of the most populated cities in Germany. Much of the city was rebuilt after it sustained extensive damage during World War II, and visitors can still see some of the remnants of the historic pieces throughout an excursion. One of the most popular events that takes place throughout the year in Frankfurt is the Christmas market, known as Romerberg, which is located in Alstadt.

Compared to its sister cities throughout the country, Frankfurt is considered one of the more modern destinations — clearly evident as you look around at the extensive number of glass and concrete skyscrapers. As a major business and financial hub, Frankfurt is often compared to other thriving metropolitan cities including New York and Tokyo. Because of its importance in the world of commerce and trade, Frankfurt is also a major destination for business travelers, as well as those visiting on holiday. Throughout the year, a wide number of popular trade fairs and festivals take place in Frankfurt which also attracts visitors from around the world!

Despite all the indications of its modern influence, Frankfurt still has all of the old-world charm and tradition that you find in many other German cities. Cozy villages offer delicious food and beverages, while street art and retail boutiques are located in nearly every thriving neighborhood. The extensive collection of museums rivals Berlin and its offerings — no matter what interests you have, chances are there is attraction or museum that highlights that particular subject. The younger population and nearby university means that the nightlife and overall energy of the city is exciting throughout much of the week — perfect if you want to balance out your daily explorations of museums and architecture with something a little more high-energy in the evening. Plenty of parks and green space are perfect for relaxing after a day of walking around — one of the most popular destinations is the Palmengarten, which houses impressive greenhouses and a wide array of foliage.


Frankfurt Cathedral

In the heart of the city, you will find Frankfurt Cathedral, which was the main venue for the coronation of emperors for over two-centuries. Dating back to the fourteenth-century, the cathedral was severely damaged in WWII, but was then loving restored. Admire the magnificent architecture and explore the many artefacts that are on display, as you stroll through the soft ambience of the interior. If you are feeling energetic, climb to the very top of the tower for spectacular views of the city!


Roman Mountain (Romerberg)

A great place to start exploring Frankfurt is the heart of the historic centre, at Roman Mountain (Romerberg). This picturesque square is surrounded by charming buildings with Gothic style architecture, as well as the pink Town Hall. Take some time to people-watch and absorb the history that dates to the twelfth-century, when trade fairs and coronations took place here.


Frankfurt Main Tower

For a bird’s eye view of the city, head to Frankfurt Main Tower; a 200-metre-high office building in the heart of town. Whilst not the tallest building in the city, it offers an observation deck with spectacular views of the city skyline. Take the fast elevator and stay as long you like while you look for the surrounding attractions and plan your itinerary for the day!


Goethe House & Museum (Goethehaus)

Take a trip back to experience the life of the Gentry in the eighteenth-century, with a visit to Goethe House and Museum (Goethehaus). This charming house is the birthplace of the great German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and is an excellent example of how the high-born lived back in the mid-1700’s. With its fabulous architecture, and many fascinating displays – which including his desk and the library – this is an amazing day of learning for all!


Stadel Museum

One of the most popular museums in the country is that of the Stadel Museum, one of several museums located along the banks of the Main River. Renowned for its collection of European art – spread over seven-centuries – the display includes works by Rembrandt, Renoir and Rubens, and the museum regularly has visiting exhibitions from around the world. It’s a perfect way to spend the afternoon!


Palm Garden (Palmengarten)

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with a visit to the Palm Garden (Palmengarten). Stroll along the pathways and relax in the deckchairs, as you explore plants from all around the world. With natives on display, as well as tropical and subtropical flora to be found – in both the open air gardens and in the greenhouses – there is so much to see here. Once you have finished exploring, unwind with a relaxing row around the lake, then sit down for a fabulous meal in the restaurant!


The Black Forest

Although the Black Forest is located in the sunniest area of Germany, its name dates from a time when thick tree cover shielded the forest floor from light. There are more clearings now but the country’s largest and most renowned forest remains a 3D Grimm fairy tale dotted with gingerbread villages and serene wood-fringed lakes.



Stand on the northern shore of the River Neckar and you can see why Heidelberg is such a popular spot for overseas visitors to Germany. This classic view of the city encompasses the old stone bridge with its salt-and-pepper shaker towers guarding the way to the old town crammed with narrow lanes and romantic old townhouses, as well as the castle looming on the hills behind.


The Romantic Road

The Romantic Road leads through unspoiled areas, picturesque villages and past medieval castles. This attractive area gives the travelers a taste of typical German scenery and culture. As a former trade route built in the Middle Ages, the road has retained its medieval charm and distinctive character to this day. Take a half-day trip to Heidelberg, the old university town at the banks of Neckar River, including a visit of the inner courtyard of Heidelberg Castle, one of the most impressive historic landmarks of Germany.

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