The Best Things To Do In Copenhagen

Written By: Alice Woods

Colorful and eye-catching, Copenhagen is one of the most visited destinations in Scandinavia. Between the plentiful waterways and bicycle commuting through the city, Copenhagen offers a unique atmosphere blended with old world and modern architecture. Over the last few years, international travelers and foodies have been flocking to Copenhagen to have the opportunity to dine at some of the highest rated restaurants in the world. Anywhere you turn in the city, there is often a restaurant run by acclaimed chefs, which brings high-profile dining to an affordable and accessible avenue for visitors and locals alike. With 15 Michelin-starred eateries and growing, you’ll definitely find an exquisite place to eat no matter what your palate desires.

Aside from food, Copenhagen is also known for its unique design and architecture. What sets Denmark apart from other countries? The simplicity and natural beauty, in addition to modern innovation is what keeps the interest in Copenhagen going. Shops and boutiques located throughout the city have everything you could imagine for sale, including handcrafted glassware to internationally renowned furniture and some of the hottest fashion labels in the apparel industry. During a trip to Copenhagen, you will definitely be enticed do a little shopping as the array of options create excitement and wonder.

Copenhagen is also at the forefront of urban living and planning, and is often considered at the top of the list in terms of livability and community. With the innovative changes and sustainable living, Copenhagen is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world — especially when you consider that bicycling is one of the top modes of transportation for residents and public transportation is plentiful at any hour of the day. The compact design and layout of the city also makes it easy for visitors to explore a good part of the city within a short amount of time. One cannot visit Copenhagen without paying homage to the rich culture and history for which Denmark is known. Spend time exploring the art museums and galleries — you’ll find an assortment of royal artifacts and treasures from the Viking era!


Rosenborg Palace (Rosenborg Slot)

Surrounded by stunning gardens, the Rosenborg Palace (Rosenborg Slot) is an exquisite example of Dutch Renaissance style architecture. Built in the 1600’s as a summer house for the aristocracy, a visit today will take you back to the opulence of the ruling class, over several centuries. Stroll through the palace and admire the museum’s collection of spectacular crown jewels, the magnificent furnishings, and the portraits of the rulers of the past, and then take a break and relax in the perfectly manicured gardens!


Amalienborg Palace

Lovers of modern history and architecture will be fascinated by the amazing Amalienborg Palace, which is the winter residence of the current Royal Family. Schedule your visit around midday to enjoy the changing of the guard, and admire the fabulous architecture and interior decorations of the stunning rooms that are open to the public. Full of beautiful furnishings, photos and heirlooms, the palace is a marvellous insight into the lives of the past and present Royal Families.


Danish Revue Museum (Revymuseet)

An unusual and fun museum to see is that of the Danish Revue Museum (Revymuseet), celebrating one hundred and fifty years of comedy. Set in a conservative looking country house, explore more than 100 film clips, posters, costumes, and set designs that show how comedy has evolved over the decades. Try to catch a show or take a guided tour to learn the history and stories behind the displays.


National Aquarium Denmark

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen, and explore the marine life of the world in the National Aquarium Denmark. Explore the fascinating habitat displays of coral reefs and rainforests, and meet sharks, crocodiles, and 20,000 other marine animals living in this modern and stylish venue. It’s a great way to break up your tour of the city!


Copenhagen Zoo

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a trip to the magnificent Copenhagen Zoo. Educational and fun, the zoo has been exhibiting the world’s animals since the mid-1800’s, and has over 3,000 animals on display. Residents of the zoo include elephants and lions from Africa, polar bears and red pandas, and of course, a wide variety of species native to the Nordic area! Make sure the young ones visit the children’s zoo, and the whole family can climb to the top of the 43-metre tower for spectacular views!


National History Museum (Frederiksborg Slot)

As you approach the stunning palace that houses the National History Museum (Frederiksborg Slot), it appears to be out of a fairy-tale, hidden away on small islets on the lake. Take in the Renaissance architecture that dates to the 1600’s, and explore the magical history of Denmark, as you wander through seventy rooms full of beautiful artefacts, paintings and furniture.



The waterfront joins with history and modern-day entertainment, to make for a magical stroll along the Nyhavn. As you explore, admire the rainbow colours of the houses, the quaint cobblestone pathways, and enjoy the many restaurants and bars that line the waterway. This is also great place or take a cruise, in picture-perfect surroundings that showcase Copenhagen at its most beautiful!


Charlottenborg Palace

In the heart of Copenhagen lies the magnificent Charlottenborg Palace, a seventeenth-century residence that houses a stunning display of contemporary art, spread over several exhibit halls. The gallery displays challenging art, and brings the works to life with talks by the artists, as well as concerts and videos, so check to see what’s on when you visit!


Round Tower (Rundetarn)

Get your bearings in the heart of Copenhagen with a visit to the Round Tower, and enjoy sweeping views of the inner city from the top of the 35-metre high lookout. Once an astronomical observatory, the spiral stairs in this seventeenth-century building – and the amazing views – make the strenuous journey to the top all the worthwhile!


Christian’s Harbor (Christianshavn)

Originally a man-made island which was constructed in the seventeenth-century to help defend the city, today a visit to Christian’s Harbor (Christianshavn) is a much friendlier place to be. With beautiful houses and trendy shops, you can wander the streets and explore, sit and people-watch as the locals go about their day, or enjoy a great meal in what is a fascinating district of the city.


Tivoli Gardens

If it’s time for some relaxing fun, come on down to the magnificent Tivoli Gardens, where great times have been had since 1843! Just around the corner from City Hall, enjoy the rides and the shows, soak up the architecture of the buildings and the magnificent gardens, enjoy a picnic or a meal as you listen to live music, or just sit back and watch the hustle and bustle of the crowds. It’s all on offer in this amazing location!


Malmo, Sweden (A Short Drive Across The Border)

Malmo is a great place for cyclists, as it has plenty of space to explore the eclectic mix of the “Old” and “New.” Take some time to stroll along the cobble laneways of the town, explore the fascinating history with visits to the many landmarks such as Malmohus Castle, and try one of the amazing restaurants that dot the streets; Malmo is famous for its excellent cuisine, which must be experienced by all who arrive at its doorstep. In summer there is also great swimming, and if you’re an iceberg, there are even facilities for winter swimming too!


The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue)

As you wander along the Langeliinie promenade, keep an eye out for the iconic statue, The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havrue), sitting on a rock near the pier. This 1.25-metre hire statue was commissioned in 1913 and depicts the mermaid from the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The statue is a favourite with both locals and visitors alike, and is a great place for a photo!

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