The Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Written By: Aileen Stark

What’s in a destination? Especially one with such a poetic name like the Argentine capital? Loads of magic, that’s for sure. From its majestic Italian and French palaces, glamorous hotels right through to its decadent parillas (steakhouses), all against a backdrop of amazing murals, this city will take you on a journey of discovery with memories which are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Located on Argentina’s north-eastern shore, the city of Fair Winds, lies just tucked in, beneath Uruguay’s south eastern border, from the South Atlantic Ocean. This vibrant urban center which radiates the European charm of past centuries sits right in pampas country and visitors to the city can expect to be treated to a perfect combination of the ancient and the modern, only made more alive by the tango’s never-ending rhythm. In spite of its proximity to Tigre which is renowned for its waterways and mate museum, or the luxurious San Isidoro with its beautiful waterfront houses, Buenos Aires promises to provide visitors with a color and vibrancy which is virtually unmatched anywhere else in the nation.

Visitors to Uruguay’s capital of Montevideo can take advantage of great ferry rates which will bring them from one of South America’s great art deco paradises to this colorful, vibrant capital in an average of three hours. The South Argentine capital also does a great job of providing connecting flights to other Latin American capitals including Caracas, Quito and Bogota, enabling you to extend your South American adventure.

Buenos Aires certainly lives up to its reputation as the Paris of the South. During your visit, you will be able to indulge in exciting shopping trips, visit historic monuments such as the Casa Rosada (the Pink Palace) and experience the magic of the tango at a milonga. And thanks to its parillas which are everywhere and the promise of succulent juicy steaks and delightful wine they provide, you will never run out of energy to move on to your next adventure in the golden sunshine.



A trip to Buenos Aires just wouldn’t be the same without a stroll around the up-market Recoleta; it’s a great place to enjoy the vibe of the city! Wander through the boutique shops, relax in the many restaurants and pubs, and visit the museums and galleries that are scattered through this fabulous district. For the curious, a favourite walk is through the Recoleta Cemetery, where famous citizens such as Eva Peron are buried. Make sure you pop down to the markets at Plaza Francia too, and look for that special memento to remember your trip.



The neighbourhood of Palermo has many personalities, quirky and trendy, but family-friendly at the same time. Close to many of the city’s landmarks – such as the Botanical Gardens and the Evita Museum – it is a wonderful place to explore the beautiful architecture of Buenos Aires. Palermo is exciting, full of life, and is a great place to party at night, and with no shortage of restaurants and bars to enjoy, when the sun starts to fall, Palermo really comes alive!


Plaza de Mayo

As you explore the city, you are sure to encounter the Plaza de Mayo; a central hub of the political life of Buenos Aires since around 1580. Sit for a while and absorb the vibe; you will most likely hear the locals voicing their opinions and advocating for their causes! From here it is just a short walk to several of the city’s other landmarks, so when you have enjoyed the people-watching, and the nineteenth century architecture surrounding the plaza, it won’t be far to your next stop.


La Boca

Head down to La Boca for a colourful and arty look at the city. With a strong Italian history and many displays of local art, take a walk through the streets and visit El Caminito, to enjoy the colourful houses, the buskers, and the street performers practicing the tango! With La Boca also being home to the world-class Boca Juniors, the streets really come alive on game day!


La Bombonera Stadium

Football lovers will not want to miss a guided tour of La Bombonera; the world-class stadium that is the home of the Boca Juniors! Formally known as the Alberto J. Armando Stadium, take the guided tour of the grounds, once graced by the likes of the great Maradona. Walk the field, and imagine the roar of the crowd as they jump and scream in rhythm with each other. Then explore the Passion of Boca Juniors Museum and even visit the trophy room! This is really is a must-see for lovers of the game.


Don Silvano Ranch

Take a day trip from Buenos Aires and travel through beautiful countryside to the Don Silvano Ranch – this is a great day out for the family! You will learn the history and traditions of Argentina’s cowboys (gauchos), and discover how they have built the cattle industry into the magnificent industry that it is today. With the emphasis on enjoyment, once you arrive there will time to explore the ranch on horseback, or by walking tour, finishing the day with an amazing Argentinian BBQ, folk singers and dancers, and even a gaucho show!


Colon Theatre (Teatro Colon)

Theatre lovers will be fascinated by a visit to one of the world’s best Opera Houses, the Colon Theatre (Teatro Colon). Of course, the best way to appreciate the splendour of this theatre is to go to a performance, but if that is not possible, take a guided tour of this horseshoe designed venue that seats 2500. Explore the history and opulent furnishings of this magnificent theatre as your guide brings the history to life.


Tango Porteno

When visiting Buenos Aires, you just have to experience the tango; it’s an Argentinean way of life, and the Tango Porteno is the perfect place to see it in action! Set inside an old-style theatre, you will be transported back to the 1940’s through film, orchestral splendour, and amazing dancers that provide a night of pure exuberance and passion. It really is the best way to experience this sensual dance!


Santa Susana Ranch

Argentina’s history goes hand-in-hand with the development of its cattle industry, which was born and bred on the rich lands that the country has been blessed with. At Santa Susana Ranch (Estancia Santa Susana), you can experience 1200 hectares of this magnificent land, where a full day of entertainment and learning awaits you. Starting with hot empanadas and wine, tour the ranch and museum – either by carriage or horseback – and then enjoy an Argentinean-style BBQ with traditional folk singers and tango dancers! This is a unique insight into the history and culture of the country!


San Isidro Cathedral

If you visit San Isidro, you don’t want to miss the majestic San Isidro Cathedral. Built in 1898, the neo-gothic architecture is beautiful, with the clock tower reaching up 69 metres! This living museum is adorned with stained glass, statues and sculptures. Not far from the cathedral are many cafes, so once you have finished, sit for a while and take in the beauty of the surrounds.


Avenida 9 De Julio

The sheer width of Avenida 9 De Julio will amaze you; this is widest boulevard in the world! If you count the lanes for both normal traffic and public transport, it can reach a width of up to 140 metres! It goes without saying, when you cross at the lights, you really need to get a move on! The boulevard is lined with beautiful architecture and many shops, so take the time to stop every now and again and admire the beauty which surrounds you.


The Obelisk

Perhaps because of its imposing 220-foot height, or maybe because of its central location on the Avenue 9 De Julio; whatever the reason, The Obelisk has become a natural rallying point for countless celebrations and demonstrations over time. Admire its grandeur from a distance, and then get up close and explore the marvellous inscriptions on each of its faces, which depict the many important moments throughout the city’s long history.


La Plata

A short drive from the capital of Buenos Aires is the small planned-city of La Plata. La Plata is the perfect day trip for people looking to escape the big-smoke; it offers much of the same fascinating architecture, gracious government buildings and leafy green parklands as Buenos Aires, just on a smaller scale!



Tigre is the traditional Argentinean town just a short drive north from Buenos Aires. This popular tourist destination is a popular weekend getaway from the city, offering a gateway to the surrounding rivers and wetlands of the Paraná Delta. Discover the history and laid-back way of life in this amazing region today!

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