The Best Things To Do In Belfast

Written By: Chris Manning

In recent years, Belfast has undergone a noticeable transformation — from a once unstable city to a new revitalization, complete with many attractions and amenities. One of city’s most important attractions is the Titanic Quarter, which features the historic vibrant dockyards that built the famed ocean liner, as well as many artifacts and museums the pay homage to the magical and luxurious ship. Fans of the Titanic will certainly want to spend a good amount of time exploring Belfast, especially taking time to navigate the Titanic slipways and the Drawing Offices of Harland & Wolff.

The Titanic Belfast Museum is all about the Titanic and includes many interactive exhibits and displays — children and adults alike will certainly be fascinated with the underwater exploration theater, re-created cabins and decks that give you the illusion that you’re standing on the famed ship, and there’s even a ride that will entertain visitors of all ages. As important as the legacy of the Titanic is for the city of Belfast, there are plenty of other points of interest to explore — of course many of which also feature some honoring of the Titanic. For example, the Belfast City Hall — built in 1906 — features beautiful architecture, public art and an open café as well as a garden commemorating the Titanic. The Botanic Gardens, established in 1828, contains a variety of exotic plants and a beautiful conservatory.

Over the last few years, Belfast has experienced rejuvenation and restoration — beautiful Victorian architecture is highlighted throughout the city and the waterfront location offers exceptional views and maritime ambience for visitors and locals alike. As Belfast experiences new changes and modern influences, visitors from around the world come to experience the ever-changing food scene and live music that takes place in any number of the city’s pubs. This Irish city is perfect for visitors who want to split their time between visiting historic points of interest and immersing themselves in a welcoming and energetic atmosphere! No trip to Ireland is complete without visiting one of the many castles – Belfast Castle is one gorgeous landmark, which was built in 1870 and features spectacular views of the surrounding area. Within the grounds is a visitor center, restaurant, adventure playground and antique shop.


Causeway Coastal Route

If you take a road-trip around Ireland, make sure you include a drive along the magnificent Causeway Coastal Route. Stretching 120-miles from Belfast to Londonderry, the beautiful scenery will hold you in awe at every bend and turn, and there are nine loops off the main route to choose from, which take you through spectacular valleys and past many places of interest. Take your time and explore the fascinating villages and amazing boutique shopping along the way!


Titanic Belfast

The spectacular architecture of the Titanic Belfast is just the beginning of your amazing voyage through history, in the city where the Titanic was built and launched. Spread over six levels, visit the shipyard, experience the launch of the vessel, explore the interior, and relive its fatal encounter with an iceberg, through high tech displays that bring the history back to life. This is a must for history lovers and those fascinated by the fate of the Titanic!


Old Bushmills Distillery

Don’t pass through Bushmills without a visit to amazing Old Bushmills Distillery; the distillery which has produced this marvellous drink since the early 1600’s! Lovers of whisky will gain bragging rights, with a guided tour that walks you through each stage of the production process, from grain to glass, and includes a magnificent drink at the end!


Giant’s Causeway

When you travel along the wild Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland – just north of Bushmills – stop to marvel at the wonder of the Giant’s Causeway; a natural treasure of around 40,000 basalt columns that fall away into the ocean. You can walk along the columns that form beautiful stepping stones, and admire the spectacular surrounding scenery as you relax and watch the ocean heave against the shore.


Saint Anne’s Cathedral

Whilst relatively young – being built in the late 1800’s – St Anne’s Cathedral has both a stunning exterior and a beautiful interior, with intricate decorations on the pillars, flawless stained glass, and picturesque mosaics. Look to the ceilings that are fascinating, and seek out the memorial to the Titanic victims. Located in the centre of the city, if you visit on Sunday afternoons, you even catch an organ recital!


Albert Memorial Clock Tower

As you wander through Queen’s Square, stop for a moment to look at the Albert Memorial Clock Tower, which reaches thirty-metres into the sky. Notice the slight lean that resulted from building on marshy ground. It’s lasted since the late 1860’s, but has needed to be reinforced back in the early 2000’s. It’s an important landmark, which was built by Queen Victoria in honour of Albert, her consort.


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

For the adventurous, cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge that links the island of Carrick-a-rede to the mainland. The bridge is seventy-feet across, and the ocean lies one-hundred feet below. Join the 250,000 people who take the journey each year, and imagine that not so long ago the bridge had only one handrail, and gaps between the slats!

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