The Best Places To Visit In Turkey

Written By: Joaquin Silva

Turkey, the “bridge between East and West”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and for good reason! It boasts a captivating mix of ancient ruins and history, as well as a fascinating culture; it’s certain to make your holiday an amazing experience!

Situated between Europe and Asia, Turkey has always been a gateway between the two regions, and home to many different empires and cultures – all leaving their mark on its history and monuments. There are many magnificent historic sites and ruins to discover! Visit the ancient port city, Ephesus, and see its world-famous archeological remains: including the Temple of Artemis; one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Library of Celsus, and the Great Theatre; originally holding an audience of 25.000 people!

Turkey’s landscapes vary from steppes to mountains, from farmland to olive groves, and beaches that span the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline. Visit one of the beach towns for a quiet holiday or the bustling coastal city of Bodrum for some action and nightlife!

Truly spectacular, and attracting over 2 million visitors every year, Pamukkale can be considered one of Turkey’s largest attractions – some people even consider it to be the Eighth Wonder of the World! With some of the most spectacular terraces that you will ever see, this picturesque site resembles a petrified, cascading waterfall, with its beautiful glistening pools below. But that’s not all! Pamukkale also contains the ancient Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis, perfectly preserved in its near-original state. It’s no wonder this destination has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visit the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul – the cultural capital of Turkey; featuring mosques and museums, bustling markets and a vibrant nightlife. Among the splendor of this city is the beautifully tiled Topkapi Palace; where several sultans and their harem used to reside. There is also the Blue Mosque; boasting as many as six slender minarets and the impressive Dome of Aya Sofya – with glittering mosaics and tombs; all of which are cultural treasures that are a must-see on your trip!

Don’t miss out on a cruise on the Bosporus River which joins the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea, and enjoy the view of beautiful Istanbul from the water!

The Turkish are a friendly, outgoing and welcoming people. Take time to soak up the ambiance of their lively culture and make sure to try the delicious Turkish dishes on offer, followed by some sweet treats like Baklava. Have a chai tea in a teahouse, get lost in the famous bazaars, and indulge in a Turkish spa at a traditional bathhouse – easily one of the most relaxing activities on offer!

Offering magnificent ancient ruins and rich Turkish culture and cuisine, this country will not disappoint you – come and explore it now!



Istanbul is one of the great cultural cities of the world; straddling both Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. As you walk the city streets, the layers of history will unfold at your feet revealing the cultural influences of the empires that once ruled. Embrace this wonderful travel destination today!



Izmir is one of the largest cities in Turkey, caressing the Aegean coast with its crystal-clear turquoise waters. The city has a rich history and a deep culture running through its veins – a gateway to the ancient ruins of Ephesus. Discover the stunning scenery and archaeological marvels of this magical city today!



Located on Turkey’s western Aegean coast; the city of Kusadasi is known for its amazing beach resorts and as the primary jumping-off-point for the ancient ruins of Ephesus. When you visit, it’s all about having fun in the sun and relaxing by the pristine waters’ edge – take a load off in style!



Its Old Harbour is lined with the super-yachts of the rich and famous, and its coastlines are filled with crystal-clear blue waters and luxury resorts; it is the picturesque city of Antalya. Situated on Turkey’s “Turquoise Coast”, Antalya is the perfect combination of cultural history and 5-star relaxation.



Nestled beneath Turkey’s Mount Uludag, most commonly known as the “Great Mountain”, is the city of Bursa. Scattered with magnificent Mosques and traditional Ottoman architecture, the city is home to some of the most beautiful thermal spas in the country as well as its magical bazaars and marketplaces.



The Turkish resort-city of Marmaris lies along the Turkish Riviera and is often referred to as the “Turquoise Coast”. Centred between the magnificent pine-forest mountain ranges and the pristine waters of the ocean, this exciting travel destination provides a huge array of outdoor activities and a vivid nightlife!

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