The Best Places To Visit In Switzerland

Written By: Alice Woods

Switzerland is a small alpine country with beautiful unspoiled nature. Its high mountains, green valleys, majestic lakes and picture perfect villages provide an unforgettable holiday experience! The beautiful rural scenery is best visited by foot or on a bike. Make a stop in one of the mountain huts, have a delicious snack and enjoy the magnificent view of the snow-capped Alpine peaks!

There are picturesque mountain villages with red geraniums in their windows, and cows grazing on green meadows. On the other hand there are also big cosmopolitan cities to explore: the major Swiss cities resemble a blend of culture, tradition and modernity. Visit the capital Bern and its museums and gardens. Or, try the picturesque lake cities of Zurich and Geneva for shopping, dining, pristine lake views and water activities.

The transport system in Switzerland is excellent and you will see a lot of the nation’s natural beauty by taking a train across the country. Switzerland provides numerous Alpine adventures: there’s hiking and mountain climbing in summer, and skiing, sledding and cross-country skiing in winter. Stay in a timber Swiss chalet near the slopes for an authentic experience! The outdoor activities are endless: from rafting or mountain biking on the many biking trails, to swimming and sailing on the beautiful lakes, there really is something for everybody!

The Swiss cuisine holds some superb dining experiences for you: try the cheese Fondue or the Raclette, cooked yourself in little pans on the table. Don’t forget to sample the various types of cheese and indulge in the famous Swiss chocolate. Not only will their chocolate have your taste buds in a spin, but it also doubles as the perfect souvenir for the loved ones at home!

Be it unspoiled nature and tranquility, outdoor adventures or cultural experience – Switzerland offers something for every sort of traveler!


Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are the magnificent Alpine heart of Switzerland, made up of some of the most spectacular natural scenery on the planet! Accessible from many cities in Switzerland, this is one place that should be on everyone’s list. From adventure and adrenaline, to romantic chalets – The Swiss Alps covers all bases!



Lucerne is a city of nostalgic enchantment, comprised of mythical stories and medieval architecture. As you wake in the morning to the misty haze rising from Lake Lucerne, and gaze up to the snow-capped mountain ranges which surround it, you will be mesmerized and the spell will have been cast!



Zurich is a truly beautiful and charming city in Switzerland and is as upscale and sophisticated as they come. This vibrant and cultural metropolis is laced with medieval architecture and world-class museums and art galleries, and is ringed by the magnificent spectacle of the Swiss Alps. Raise your glass to Zurich!



Geneva sparkles as one of the most picturesque cities on the planet; surrounded by the magical Swiss Alps, the city is a haven for everything beautiful and adventurous. Stroll along the cobbled streets of the Old Town, or relax on the majestic Lake Geneva – the culture and splendour of this place is sure to amaze!



Once the home of luxury and Victorian tradition, Interlaken was where the wealthy came to sip scotch around a fireplace under crystal chandeliers; now, it’s all about adrenaline! Abseil magnificent waterfalls, scale ice-capped mountains, and paraglide back to earth; Interlaken is sure to get the blood pumping!



Zermatt lies below the magnificent Matterhorn Peak, and is famous for its skiing, hiking and mountain bike riding. The city is perfectly located and designed for fun – both day and night – with a smorgasbord of restaurants and bars to choose from when the outdoor fun winds down. Take the highest cable car in the world, the Matterhorn Glazier Ride, for views that you will never forget, in a city that is proud to be family friendly with activities for kids of all ages.



Hugging the Rhine lies Basel, a modern city steeped in history. Explore the multitude of museums (there are over forty) as you stroll the streets, soaking up the medieval history and the haunting Gothic cathedrals, then take a food tour and discover the culinary delights that are scattered throughout the city. When it’s time to relax, cruise the Rhine and get a unique perspective of the city, as you glide along the water enjoying the views.



Take a bus or boat ride to Kilchberg, to enjoy the magnificent vistas of the Alps! Before you leave though, make sure you’re hungry, so that you can sample the delicious confectionary at the Lindt and Sprüngli Chocolate Factory! Steeped in history, stroll through the magnificent town to absorb the traditional culture and sights, and keep an eye out for the many events and festivals held throughout the year. The Kilchberg community loves to have fun, so why not join them for the day!


Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva (Lac Léman to the locals) is land-locked Switzerland’s largest body of water, though most of its southern shore is in French territory. The lake is ringed by Alps and almost any point along the shore offers jaw-dropping scenery, as well as some of the most sought-after real estate in the world. More active visitors can swim, dive, windsurf and row in the warmer months.



Located on the northern shore of Lake Lugano, the city of Lugano has a strong Italian influence. Take in the majesty of the surrounding mountains by hiking or mountain biking, or relax and take a mountain lift that offers magnificent views of the surrounding area. Back in the city, there are bus tours and lake cruises to explore the culture and history, and a host of restaurants and bars on offer, too. The city is also the perfect base location for short tours to the picturesque villages, which are scattered throughout the region. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get exploring!



The village of Appenzell is the capital of the canton Appenzell Innerrhoden in eastern Switzerland. It is situated in the valley of Sitter, surrounded by green hills and dominated by a rural character. Appenzell isn’t a typical close-packed village and instead, is made up of free standing houses loosely grouped around the inner core.



Cheese lovers have likely already penciled Gruyères at the top of their itinerary, but the pretty medieval town has more to offer than its long history of cheese making. Boasting an idyllic alpine setting in the Canton of Fribourg, Gruyères is undeniably photogenic, with its sloping cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved medieval buildings.


Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is the 4th largest lake in the country and has complicated shape that curves into the mountains and the city of Lucerne. The lake’s has a total area of 114 square kilometers (44 sqare miles). The lake and shoreline have many stunning views, especially of Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus.


Lake Walen (Walensee)

Lake Walen is a lake in eastern Switzerland separating the cantons Glarus and St.Gallen. It is part of a region known as Heidiland, named after the famous Heidi story by Johanna Spyri and represents these corresponding values of unspoiled nature, warmth and simplicity. The mountains rise almost vertically on all sides of the lake and nestled on little plateaus and along the shores are several traditional Swiss towns.


Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is big: 25 mi (40 km) long and 1.9 mi (3 km) wide. At its deepest it reaches 469 ft (143 m). The water is very clean, coming off those Swiss mountains, and is used for supplying water to the cities around it. The largest of these is Zurich at around 360,000 residents.

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