The Best Places To Visit In Spain

Written By: Carina Lòpez

Spain is a mix of colors, music and dance – broadcasting a true love of life! From tapas to flamenco, famous art to architecture, and beautiful beaches sounding its coastline; Spain will reward you with the experience of a lifetime! The captivating cities of Spain offer rich cultural experiences, beautiful architecture and lots of southern flair. Take a Flamenco course in Seville, surf in San Sebastian and go on a culture-trip to Madrid!

Spain’s stunning architecture includes the Moorish Palace of the Alhambra, the Great Mosque of Cordoba or the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. One visit may not be enough to see Spain’s entire cultural splendor!

Barcelona is certainly the most famous of Spain’s cities. This city bursts with life and offers many cultural experiences to the traveler. Home to great artists like Picasso and Gaudí, there are many great masterpieces to admire. See the mosaics of Park Guell, explore the otherworldly architecture of Casa Batlló, and see the impressive unfinished cathedral Sagrada Familia with its playful design. At night have a drink at the city’s beach and get lost in the numerous buzzing bars and clubs, open until dawn!

Life in Spain is lived passionately, out in the open, and it goes all night long. It is not uncommon to go to dinner around 10pm – and arriving at the club around midnight? Well that’s just fine! Living the good life involves great food and wine, so it’s no wonder the Spanish food is a treat: savor some delicious tapas with your wine or indulge in Paella or fresh seafood – the enchanting cuisine will leave nothing to be desired!

For beach lovers, the Costa del Sol offers endless yellow sanded possibilities to enjoy the coastal waters. Another great option for sand and sun are the beautiful Spanish islands! For a heavenly beach holiday, visit the Balearic or Canary Islands with their pristine crystalline waters and distinct cultures.

Hikers and skiers will find great pleasure in the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees. Walk the famous Camino de Santiago and follow in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in search for spiritual enlightenment and adventure!

This diverse country surprises with unique traditions and culture in every region. Spain’s vibrant energy will enchant you and make you come back for more!



Visit famous Barcelona; the vibrant and cultural capital of Spain, where top art and beauty can be found, and endless beaches provide the backdrop to its pulsating nightlife. This city is amazing and one of the top travel destinations in Europe – get ready for its many treasures and, most of all, its energetic vibe!



Madrid, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain, features many great attractions; magnificent museums, elegant architecture and top restaurants combine to create a marvelous travel destination. At night the city comes to life as the streets and bars explode with people, creating a real Spanish experience.



Granada is a famous city in the south of Spain and the perfect place for architecture and culture lovers. Called the soul of Andalucía, it boasts Arabic flavor with its Moorish architecture; first and foremost the world-renowned beautiful Alhambra Palace, a must-see attraction drawing millions of visitors every year.



Embedded in rich history, the charming city of Seville is a real jewel in Spain’s crown. There are countless monuments to discover, and the beautiful plazas, street cafes and horse-drawn carriages make for a romantic ambiance. Enjoy tapas and Flamenco lessons and the distinct Andalusian flair!



Situated at the Costa del Sol is the sea port and holiday resort Malaga, a lively city and one of Spain’s main holiday destinations. This historic and culturally rich city is not only the birthplace of Picasso, but full of sights, sunshine and beautiful beaches. Indulge in its delicious sea food while you’re here!



This beautiful island of Ibiza – located right in the middle of the Mediterranean – transforms into Europe’s most famous central party destination, between May and October each year. Water sports dominate the day and the parties start as the sun goes down, stretching all the way through to the following day, when the sun comes back up! The beaches are idyllic, and if you want to take time out, there is the Old Town, as well as several quiet villages to visit, where you can soak up some of the traditional Spanish culture and relax while shopping for the day.



The beautiful island of Mallorca has something for every visitor, starting with the stunning beaches and the natural beauty of the mountains. For outdoor excitement, there are mountain bike trails and rivers for kayaking. Or, stroll through the fascinating history of the island, which is dotted with Roman and Moorish ruins, waiting to be explored. If that’s not enough, take a cruise and discover the island from the ocean, as you relax, gliding along its pristine turquoise waters. Of course, as the sun falls, the nightlife rises; and this Mallorca can be as fast or slow as you make it!



The island of Menorca provides the natural beauty of the beaches and coastline, with a more subdued lifestyle than the “party central” culture of its island neighbours. Here you can enjoy the beaches, as well as hike and cycle along the coastline, or stroll through the town at a leisurely pace and soak up the traditional culture that fills the streets. And while there is plenty of nightlife, you will find the pace of life here is slower and much more relaxing!


San Sebastian

Natural beauty blended with a rich and fascinating history await you at San Sebastian in Spain. Take in the many sights and get your bearings with a ride on the funicular, which takes you to the top of Mount Igeldo. Famous for its beaches; Concha Beach, Ondarrreta and Zurriola are a must visit! Or, absorb the history of the city by strolling the streets of the Old Town (don’t miss the port), exploring the museums and stopping at the many restaurants and bars along the way. San Sebastian has something for everyone!



Stroll the streets of the port city of Valencia, and discover it is steeped in a vast and rich history dating back to Roman times, with its commercial power peaking in the sixteenth-century. Interspersed with the many historical treasures, you will also find modern day displays, such as the city’s famous Planetarium and Oceanarium. Hit the beaches and explore the countryside, or grab some bargains at the local markets! And when the sun sets, there is a smorgasbord of restaurants and bars to enjoy, too!


Sierra Nevada

Come and explore Sierra Nevada, a mountain range that boasts the highest peak in Spain, with stunning natural features, and skiing at the Sierra Nevada Ski Station from November to May. There are so many outdoor activities to choose from, with hiking, cycling, canyoning, historic villages to explore, and wineries to savour! Make sure you take time to visit Granada and soak up the history as you stroll along the beautiful laneways.



Settled by the Phoenecians around the 7th century BC, later conquered by the Muslims and finally settling under Spanish rule, Ronda has had a long and varied history marked by war, trade, and geographic wonder. Today, most visit the small town of Ronda in order to enjoy is rustic charms, photograph the dramatic landscape and taste some of the local wineries of the region.



Just 50 mi (80 km) north of Madrid, Segovia transports you back to a distant time in history. From its ancient Roman aqueduct to its 13th century castle, this city is full of symbols representing its inhabitants of the past.



Tenerife is one of the famous Spanish Canary Islands, a major tourist magnet situated next to Africa. The diverse nature and beautiful beaches of this volcanic island make it a perfect place for nature lovers as well as leisure seekers, and its sensational mild climate enables a year-round holiday experience!

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