The Best Places To Visit In Puerto Rico

Written By: Carina Lòpez

Puerto Rico is a beautiful and lively island in the Caribbean Sea. It is governed by the US but presents Caribbean flair and a unique lively mix of Spanish, Indian and African culture. Immerse in the island’s contagious vitality, its music and its colors! White beaches, turquoise water, tropical rainforests and a vivid nightlife combine to a perfect holiday destination! The island invites travelers to water activities, rainforest adventures and cultural experiences. Discover the island by car or take a boat or ferry to its pristine islands and go exploring!

Puerto Rico’s thrilling outdoors offer endless opportunities for holiday fun: swim and surf at world-renowned Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island or get out in the wild, hiking the lush rainforest El Yunque, an emerald green jungle teeming with wildlife. See graceful wild Paso Fino horses on the island of Vieques, play golf in beautiful scenery, or fly like a bird on one of the world’s longest zip lines!

One of Puerto Rico’s prime natural attractions is the Rio Camuy Cave Park, a huge underground cave system carved out by the subterranean River Camuy. You can explore the underground beauty of the caves and sinkholes on a guided tour.

Discover the island’s colonial history by travelling back in time in its capital San Juan. Boasting fascinating history and rich culture, this city is a top travel destination in the Caribbean. You can ride around in the free shuttle on different routes to see the city and its forts. Then walk around in the streets of San Juan’s colorful colonial Old Town, indulge in the great restaurants and immerge in the vibrant nightlife, dancing the night away to hot rhythms of Reggaeton.

Puerto Rico is famous for its aromatic coffee and its world-famous cocktail, the Pina Colada. While you should make sure to try them both, don’t miss out on sampling some of the rich local cuisine as well: try the mallorca, a ham, cheese and egg sandwich dusted with powdered sugar, or the mofongo, a traditional dish of garlicky mashed plantains formed into a dumpling. The Caribbean cuisine will certainly take you on a culinary adventure!

The beautiful island of Puerto Rico is loaded with incredible natural, cultural and Caribbean appeal – so start planning your trip today!


San Juan

Sitting on the Atlantic Coast of Puerto Rico and well-known for its Spanish colonial heritage; the city of San Juan is a Central American icon. There are so many things to do and see here! The city is a vibrant mix of traditional culture and modern pleasures just begging you to visit – hear her call!



A short drive from San Juan is the beautiful Puerto Rican town of Loiza. This quaint, Afro-Caribbean town, is a breath of fresh air to anyone looking to escape the bustling surrounds for a little bit of relaxation time. Quiet, but full of things to do and see, this is the perfect place to get away from reality!


Culebra Island

The beautiful, tranquil island of Culebra is situated off the eastern coastline of Puerto Rico. This natural splendour is known more for what it doesn’t have, as a pose to what it does. There are no large hotel chains here, no noise, no big-city-lights, and most of all – no stress! Relax and surrender to the island!



One of the largest cities in Puerto Rico; Ponce is situated on the southern coast with its rich history and well-preserved architecture throughout. A stark contrast to the nightlife of San Juan; Ponce is a majestic and charming destination that will sweep you off your feet from the second you arrive!



Caguas is a small town located a short drive from the coastal city of San Juan, and is the perfect idea for a day trip while you’re in the area! Take a walking tour through the town square and admire the many museums and culture which surround it. Discover this dynamic tourist destination today!


Isla Verde

Known for its luxury resorts, white-sand beaches and its distinct, never-ending nightlife; Isla Verde is an elegant mix of vanity and style. A laid-back paradise during the day, this bustling city erupts through the evening, as locals and tourists alike flock to the city to be seen in the hottest clubs on the island!



Luquillo is a small but very exciting coastal town just a short drive from San Juan, Puerto Rico. This iconic travel destination is also home to the famous Playa Luquillo; with its beautiful golden sand, world-famous food kiosks and its unbeatable summer atmosphere. If you’re in the area – don’t skip it!

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