The Best Places To Visit In Peru

Written By: Aileen Stark

One of the most majestic and exciting countries in South America is Peru. The Land of the Incas offers multiple adventures to the traveler! Ancient Inca ruins, exotic rainforest and majestic Andes mountain ranges combine with a lively culture and excellent cuisine, making this country a true gem stone of a travel destination!

Peru is a country of high biodiversity, with landscapes ranging from tropical Amazon rainforest to the Andes Mountains, and even coastal desert at the Pacific coast. There are numerous fun activities waiting for you: go sand boarding on the dunes in Huacachina, zip lining through the forests, surfing in Pacific waves or swimming with pink dolphins – the options are endless!

Visit the jungle city Iquitos, which is only accessible by water or air, and explore the rainforest and its exciting wildlife from there. You can take a boat or paddle on the Amazon in a dugout canoe; you might even spot a jaguar if you’re lucky!

There are plenty of archeological treasures to discover, the most popular being the breathtaking Lost City of Machu Picchu, once a citadel of the Inca Empire. It is considered one of the most famous archeological wonders in the world and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trek the challenging Inca Trail to get to this fascinating place on old Inca routes. The rewarding sight of this majestic place after 4 days of hiking is simply indescribable!

Peru features many beautiful cities, which were shaped architecturally by Inca and Spanish rule. Visit the famous former Inca capital Cusco, charming colonial Arequipa and the largest city in Peru, its hectic capital, Lima.

The lively Andean culture pervades every aspect of life, with its multiethnic population engaging in captivating local traditions and fiestas. Make sure to visit one of the bustling marketplaces, where you can buy some of the splendid colorful art and handcrafted goods, soaking up the lively ambiance. Furthermore, indulge in the delicious Peruvian food and try local dishes like the tasty Huancaína or the famous Ceviche. Pair with a Pisco Sour or two and let yourself be spoiled by the riches of the Peruvian cuisine!

Visitors to this fascinating country will discover a trove of cultural and historical treasures, embedded in beautiful nature – Peru is absolutely worth a journey!



Once the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is located in the Peruvian Andes and is most well-known for its famous archeologically remains and its unforgettable Spanish colonial architecture. This magical city is full of colourful markets, vibrant fiestas and stunning landscapes that surround the area.



Lima is a sprawling metropolis rising over a stretched coastline of crumbling cliffs, consisting of a number of smaller cities spread over 43 districts. The city is an interesting mix of ultra-modern sophistication, teamed with ancient cultures and historic sights. This is one travel destination you shouldn’t miss!



Puno is a magical hillside city overlooking Lake Titicaca and the magnificent Uros Floating Islands of Peru. Sitting a staggering 3800 metres above sea-level this picturesque travel destination will take your breath away – literally – due to the lack of oxygen at such heights. Discover this dream destination today!



The port city of Iquitos in Peru is most well-known as being the gateway to the jungle lodges and tribal villages of the renowned Amazon Rainforest. Traditional mud houses line the river in stark contrast to the elegant bars and restaurants that stand next to them. A vibrant mix of adventure and excitement awaits!


Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is arguably the most amazing historic wonder of the world. An old Incan ruin set atop the Andes Mountains of Peru; this ancient mystery is a magical journey of self-discovery and pure serenity. You simply have to experience it to truly understand the enormity of this marvellous treasure.


Aguas Calientes

The town of Aguas Calientes, also referred too as Machu Picchu Pueblo, is the principal and closest access point to the stunning archaeological ruins of Machu Picchu. Despite its magnificent surrounds, this village holds no value to the traveller other than a bright and early entry to the ruins. Get in – get out!



With destinations like Lima and Machu Picchu, it’s can be hard to notice some of Peru’s smaller, but just as important, cultural highlights; Arequipa is one place you should definitely keep on the list! With fascinating colonial heritage and architecture, and surrounded by giant volcanoes, Arequipa is simply magical!


Taquile Island

As famed for its handicrafts—the island’s traditional knitwear has been proclaimed a UNESCO Masterpiece of Intangible Human Heritage—as its dramatic, rocky topography topped with windswept pre-Columbian ruins, Isla Taquile is one of Lake Titicaca’s most famous destinations.

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