The Best Places To Visit In Italy

Written By: Chris Manning

Italy is a vibrant country known for stunning historical ruins, artistic treasures, celebrated fashion and a fantastic cuisine. Its numerous renowned sights include ancient castles, monasteries, churches, museums and beautiful historical towns.

From the vineyards in Tuscany to picturesque mountain villages, olive groves, and coastlines – Bella Italia features great natural beauty everywhere you look. Add its bustling cities like Milan, Rome and Florence: with their immense shopping opportunities, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife – voila, you have the perfect holiday destination!

Home to many famous artists and bursting with history, Italy is the perfect place for all culture buffs looking for a little amazement in their lives. Indulge in Florence’s beauty and historic buildings; look through museums and monuments, awe-inspiring cathedrals and find iconic sights like Michelangelo’s works. Walk the ancient streets of Rome and see the Colosseum, or sit on the Spanish Steps and enjoy the buzz of the “Eternal City” while sipping an espresso in a local cafe. Go to Pisa and take a picture of the famous medieval leaning tower, or glide through the canals of Venice on a Gondola. One thing we know is you’ll never be bored!

Why not take a trip to one of the picturesque mountain villages of Cinque Terre in Liguria: five villages where the houses are nestled on cliffs overlooking the Sea. Go swimming in the majestic lake of Garda or visit the famous city of Pompeii – a Roman town frozen in time when it was buried by a volcanic eruption.

In Italy, simple pleasures are of great importance, expressed in an unrivaled joy of life and love for food. It’s here where the notion of “La dolce vita”, the good life, originated. The world-renowned Italian cuisine, with its delicious dishes and desserts, will leave you dreamily satisfied with life – and wanting more! Taste the famous wines of the region, and have a “gelato” at the beachside – enjoying everything this relaxed Italian lifestyle has to offer.

Italy’s Mediterranean beaches are mostly crowded with daybeds lining the water – side by side. Thus a beach holiday might be better enjoyed on one of its sublime islands: Visit Capri, Sicily or Sardegna and swim in their pristine crystal-clear waters.

Home to awe-inspiring art and architecture amidst beautiful countryside, Bella Italia is a real treasure awaiting your visit!



The vibrant “Eternal City” of Rome is a major travel destination in Italy and one of the world’s most photogenic cities. From the Colosseum to the Vatican Museums and the Spanish Steps, this city offers innumerable art and cultural treasures – Rome really wasn’t built in a day!



The beautiful city of Florence contains some of the greatest artistic masterpieces in the world and is filled with beautiful churches, palaces and Italian Renaissance buildings; it’s more representative of an outdoor museum than a city. See top sights like Michelangelo’s David and the Ponte Vecchio and breathe history!



The unique and beautiful city of Venice is a one of the most picture perfect highlights in Italy: built entirely on water, you can cruise the many picturesque canals in a gondola, marveling at grand palaces and beautifully adorned bridges, or walk and get lost in the winding labyrinth of narrow alleys.



The metropolis of Milan in northern Italy is the perfect place for beautiful sightseeing, luxury shopping and elegant dining. Whether you’re looking for excellent art exhibitions, a vibrant nightlife or unbelievably delicious Italian food – this place will turn your city break into an amazing experience!



Pisa is a city in Tuscany which has become world-famous for its leaning tower, a motif for many photoshoots. But there is much more to discover in this historic city: beautiful sights, piazzas and magnificent buildings as well as a lively bar and restaurant scene make Pisa well worth a visit.


The Dolomites

Located in north-eastern Italy, the Dolomites are some of Europe’s most pristine mountain ranges. Some come for the skiing and some come for the mountain climbing, but activities aside, it’s worth coming just to soak up the views and explore the quaint villages scattered throughout the region.



The gorgeous Italian island of Sicily features crystal-clear waters, beautiful landscapes, interesting historical sights and a lively local culture. Set in the Mediterranean Sea, the island offers a mild climate and beautiful beaches to the traveler, towered by the famous active volcano Mount Etna.



Naples is one of the best travel destinations in Italy due to its impressive historic center which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Experience its sights and a true Italian atmosphere, where life is lived outdoors in the streets, and savor one of the famous pizzas – arguably most authentic in whole Italy!

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