The Best Places To Visit In Greece

Written By: Alice Woods

Greece is a country blessed with historical and cultural treasures as well as stunning natural beauty. From ancient ruins to pristine island paradises and delicious food, this country has something for everyone!

Imagine crystal seas and mountains covered in green, low tree forests under a wide blue sky. Home to endless beaches and romantic bays, the turquoise shores will provide a great swimming experience and relaxation retreat. A true treasure is Greece’s magnificent island world: inviting and begging you to experience it’s wander through one of the many island hopping cruises on offer! Visit the biggest island in Greece, Crete, and see its beautiful beaches and unique nature. Take a ferry to romantic Corfu, enjoy the picturesque white and blue architecture on Santorini, or party the night away in Mykonos. The deep blue Aegean Sea provides you with all kinds of water activities, including sailing cruises, diving and jet skiing. If watersports aren’t your thing, try hiking or rock climbing at Mount Olympus: home of the Greek Gods.

Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization: its history spans four millennia and it is here where democracy, Western philosophy, drama, political science and major mathematical principles were invented; it’s ever the birthplace of the Olympic Games! There are plenty of incredible historic sites to visit, offering a link to the past through Greek mythology: see the sun-bleached ruins of Olympia, where athletes used to compete for greatness, or the unique Apollonian temple where the oracle of Delphi was consulted.

Make sure to see Athens, a city bursting with history, and explore the ancient Acropolis and famous temple Parthenon. Don’t miss visiting one of the picturesque small villages and enjoy meeting the hospitable and family-oriented Greek people. Indulge in traditional Greek cuisine offering its deliciously fresh dishes; try Tzatziki and Moussaka, fresh Feta and olives, and wash it all down with a glass of Ouzo!

Featuring ancient history and culture as well as beach fun, nature and nightlife, beautiful Greece offers something for everyone!



It is safe to say that Milos is one of the best Greek Islands on offer. This spectacular destination is home to so much beauty and has so many things to do, that it really will keep a piece of your heart, long after you have departed home! The best part though, is that even at its busiest, the island is so large that it almost feels like you’re alone. Of course, lots of people travel here, and at night the many restaurants fill up with excitement, but during the day, the crowds are so spread out that it can almost feel deserted! Best explored by ATV, the island will enchant you with its many hidden and untouched beaches, traditional small island towns, amazing authentic Greek cuisine, and endless natural scenery that will simply take your breath away. Come and see for yourself, you won’t regret it!



Folegandros is the sleepy Greek Island where time stands still and authentic traditional culture reigns true over the more common touristic luxuries one might find on other islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos. Put simply, Folegandros is where you go to relax! Better yet, it’s where the Greek population goes to relax! There is no glistening nightlife. There are no crowded tourist shopping streets. There is no cruise-ship port. There is no coastline that is jammed-packed with sun-beds and loud music. It’s just, perfect in every way.



Santorini is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Greece, but it has produced some of the most iconic images found in travel agencies throughout the world. Its pristine beaches, dramatic ocean views, traditional architecture and romantic atmosphere will have you lost for words!



Crete is the Greek island with something for just about everyone. From its pristine beaches to its vibrant cities and quaint villages; Crete is a place that will sweep you off its feet with its unmistakable culture and traditional atmosphere. The perfect mix of natural beauty combined with a rich history; discover it today!



The island of Corfu can only be described as the cosmopolitan jewel of Greece. Being one of the greenest Greek islands, filled with woody mountain ranges and cypress trees, Corfu is a tourist destination offering both adventure as well as the luxuries that people have come to expect from the Mediterranean.



Mykonos is the Greek island most well-known for its glamourous lifestyle and vibrant party scene. Embrace its warm touch as you sip cocktails on its pristine beaches through the day, and spend your nights dancing until the sun comes up. You’ll have a smile on your face from the moment you arrive!



Rhodes is one of the finest medieval island getaways in the entire Mediterranean; known best for its picture-perfect beaches, wooded valleys, traditional cobbled streets and ancient history. Nicknamed the “Sun Island”, Rhodes is the largest island in Greece and will have you busy relaxing for days!



Both ancient and modern; Athens is the Greek city with more historic ruins and archaeological sites than you could possibly image. The city is the birthplace of Western civilization and the streets of this bustling metropolis are always buzzing. Athens is a must-do for anyone looking for a little culture in their holiday!

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