The Best Places To Visit In England

Written By: Derek Ainsworth

England combines beautiful countryside with fascinating cities and a glorious history. The regional diversity of this country will make a visit as interesting as it is enchanting! The island offers gorgeous countryside and charming little villages. Go on a hike through the calming green hills and explore the rough coastline and cliffs before you spend the night in a romantic English country inn!

Visiting England means to step back in history: you will find pretty churches and castles, medieval fortresses and beautiful cathedrals. Make sure to visit the phenomenal prehistoric stone circles and take a look at one of the famous museums, filled with treasures of the colonial past of England’s former empire.

The south of the island is warmer and beautifully green and provides beautiful landscapes for hiking and cycling. Visit a seaside resort for some beach time, or the lively town of Brighton where many young people and backpackers meet and enjoy its eccentric vibe and vibrant nightlife!

England has produced many great musical artists and bands such as The Beatles, Queen or The Rolling Stones – and it continues to do so. Attend a concert if you can or visit one of the many renowned music and arts festivals to immerse in the artistic spirit of this country! Meet the friendly and courteous English folk, who will always be up for a chat; usually about the weather. For a real English experience go to one of the numerous rustic pubs and have a pint of beer; sing with the crowds and soak up the cozy and convivial atmosphere. Don’t plan too much the next day; you’ll probably not only stay for one, but many!

The capital, London, is a must-see: this city is bursting with culture, cutting-edge arts and entertainment. Enjoy world-class theatre and museums, a trendy club scene and amazing shopping and dining possibilities. Make sure to visit the royal Buckingham Palace, the actual residence of the Queen of England! See its beautiful rooms and gardens and witness the famous Changing of the Guards Ceremony.

England provides both big city flair and country charm and is deeply embedded in history, offering you a unique holiday experience in beautiful scenery!



London is one of the most spectacular cities on earth, where history and tradition can be seen on every street corner. With some of the most famous sightseeing opportunities available, the city blends an exciting mix of cultures with a vibrant modern lifestyle to create a truly wonderful travel destination.



Known predominantly for its world-famous football club and of course, the Beatles, Liverpool is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the United Kingdom. Liverpool’s culture and traditional heritage are at the heart of the city and when you add in the vibrant nightlife, what more could you want?



The medieval city of York is one of England’s most visited travel destinations, full of extraordinary culture and fascinating history – there really is no other place like it! This picturesque city has a character and charm that stretches back over 2000 years, so take a step back in time and discover it today!



A little over an hours’ drive from London, you will find the famous city of Bath; well-known for its beautiful eighteenth century architecture, and of course, it’s world-famous Roman-era baths! The baths are fed by the hot springs which surround it, making the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK!



Take a short two hour drive from London and you will find yourself in Avebury; a small village famous for its stone circle henge dating back to around 2600 BC. Considered to be an extraordinary example of Neolithic ceremonial sites, follow the trails and discover the fascinating history of the ancient village.



Located in south central England, how can so much beauty be packed into such a small place! Just 25 miles wide, and 90 miles north to south, the Cotswolds is known for its quaint villages and magnificent countryside. Stroll the boutique shops and enjoy the pubs as you tour this picturesque and unforgettable region.



If you arrive to the UK via ferry, there is a good chance the towering White Cliffs of Dover – standing more than 100 metres high – will be your first glimpse of the country. Long considered to be the UK’s gateway to Europe, Dover is one of the world’s busiest ports, with a long military history!



Lacock is a beautiful rural village located just outside of Bath, surrounded by picturesque walks and magnificent views. Owned by the National Trust, people flock here to explore the village and its rich history; the exteriors of the buildings have been perfectly preserved, unchanged for several hundred years!

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