The Best Places To Visit In Colombia

Written By: Aileen Stark

The famous country of Colombia lies in the north of South America, fringing the Caribbean and Pacific Sea. Its rich and distinctive culture, amazing landscapes and lively people make it a compelling place for travelers of all kinds! Discover the colonial towns and big cities, coffee plantations and archeological sites, and take a tour into the virgin Amazon Rainforests filled with tropical flora and wildlife.

This country is blessed with natural beauty: tropical beaches, emerald rainforests, vast grasslands and high snow-capped mountains combine for an exciting natural experience. Colombia is one of the most ethnically diverse and biodiverse countries in the world. Visit Tayrona National Park and immerge in a truly wonderful natural experience!

One of its most stunning natural wonders is the Caño Cristales River, a multicolored river flowing through the National Park La Macarena, boasting bright colors of yellow, red, orange and blue. Another great natural attraction is the Tatacoa Desert in Huila. This ocher and gray colored area offers otherworldly landscapes and astronomic observation at night; all in deep desert silence and serenity – a perfect place to unwind.

For urban action visit the pulsating capital Bogotá, a hip city with a vibrant art scene and beautiful architecture. Stroll through its historic district, La Candelaria, and visit the impressive building of the Virgilio Barco Library and The Gold Museum; one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colombia, filled with pre-Hispanic golden treasures. Make sure to also see Cartagena’s preserved Old Town, a UNESCO Heritage Site, with beautiful 400 year-old colorful colonial houses and churches.

Visit Barranquilla during carnival and get lost in a multitude of colors, music and fiesta in the streets! There will be dressed up dancers as far as the eye can see; a spectacle well worth seeing as it pushes levels seen in the world-famous Carnival of Rio. After exploring the city life, there are 3000 km of coastline along the Pacific and Caribbean Sea for you to enjoy. Visit Colombia’s pristine beaches and relax, sunbathe, go scuba diving or snorkeling in this holiday paradise!

Colombia was a country of conflict for a long time, but nowadays travelling is safe, easy, and loaded with incredible natural, historical and cultural appeal – this country has become one of the top travel destinations on earth! Take salsa lessons, learn Spanish and scuba dive among colorful reefs – Colombia is waiting for you!



The sprawling city of Bogota is one of amazing contrast; from the gritty streets of the south, to the luxurious and chic suburbs of the north, with a traditional and colonial centre full of history and fascinating architecture. This elegant mix of diverse culture and vibrant colours is certain to delight!



One of the most spectacular travel destinations in South America; the colonial town of Cartagena is a magical walled-city set on the beautiful coastline of Colombia. Surrounded by white-sand islands covered in palm trees, and full of vibrant Latin culture, this colourful gemstone should be on everyone’s list!



The old-world charm of Salento is truly authentic, and this small Colombian town provides the perfect gateway to the beautiful Corcora Valley, and the broader Los Nevados National Natural Park, where you can hike or horse ride to explore the natural serenity of the surrounding landscapes. Take some time to discover the coffee plantations of the region, and enjoy the ambience of the bars and restaurants that dot this small but very interesting travel spot.


Santa Marta

Famous for the magnificent beaches of its coastline, Santa Marta has a very distinct resort feel to it, attracting people from all over the world to its shores. As one of the oldest European-founded cities in Colombia, its colonial importance is of significant value, however, the city itself is often described by travellers as an undesirable urban sprawl, and not a place that should be given much weight. Nevertheless, Santa Marta is a fantastic jumping off point to countless natural attractions in the region, including the beautiful and picturesque, Tayrona National Park, and with a nightlife that is second to none, it’s hard not to find time for a quick visit!



Nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring”, Medellin is not only known for its beautiful temperate climate, but its vibrant culture, friendly local residents and the amazing mountain ranges which surround it! With so many things to do and see, this truly is a city you will fall in love with from the second you arrive!


Rosario Islands

Less than an hour southwest of Cartagena’s port is a fragile archipelago of some 30 picture-perfect islands, wrapped in shimmering white-sand beaches, and strung like rosary beads through the deep blue Caribbean Sea. They sit atop the world’s third-largest barrier reef, which has protected as Islas del Rosario National Park since 1977. Though this clearly remains a mixed-use area, the designation has helped conserve 1300 species of flora and fauna present on and around the islands.

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