The Best Places To Visit In Brazil

Written By: Aileen Stark

Brazil is known for its colorful carnival, urban metropolises like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo and its beautiful golden sand beaches. Bursting with joy and life, this colorful country is simply a must-see!

Brazil is a vast country with the majority of its population living in the East, along the coastline. Boasting a lively coastal culture, it is a country for beach enthusiasts and party seekers alike. Sip a Caipirinha or bask in the sun and enjoy some beach volleyball on its most famous beach, the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro!

There is plenty to see and do and numerous top attractions are waiting for you. Make sure to take a trip to the mighty Iguazu Falls, where the Iguazu River drops in 247 impressive waterfalls! Don’t get too close though, you might get a drenching as the falls disperse a heavy mist through the air and on to the crowd!

Take a trip to relax at the Costa verde, where green mountains line the beautiful beaches and crystal waters. Or, go on a diving adventure in the pristine archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. Maybe you should do both!

There are several cities in Brazil worth visiting: see the captivating city of Rio de Janeiro and visit its inspiring and enormous Christ the Redeemer statue, overlooking the city on Mount Corcovado. Get lost in its fantastic nightlife and dance in its famous carnival! The world-famous Brazilian carnival celebrations include endless parades, impressive Samba dancing, never-ending parties, and are an absolute thrill for the senses! Visit the busy megacity of Sao Paolo and enjoy its art museums, fine food and great shopping opportunities. For an experience of Afro-Brazilian culture visit the colonial city of Salvador in Bahia. From here, take a trip to the care-free island of Morro de Sao Paolo for a true tropical island retreat!

A large part of the country consists of dense tropical rainforest filled with exotic plants and animals. Take a boat trip into the thick Amazon jungle and see wild caimans, parrots, turtles and monkeys!

There’s plenty to see and do in Brazil; where people love to enjoy themselves, lives are lived out in the open and there is always a reason to party. A trip to Brazil means beach fun, fascinating culture and stunning nature experiences – all wrapped in one nicely tied bow! Get ready for an unforgettable holiday!


Rio de Janeiro

Set between stunning mountain ranges and golden beaches, Rio de Janeiro is a bustling metropolis known as the “cidade maravilhosa”, or “marvellous city”. Home to the world-famous Rio Carnival, the sounds of samba fill the streets and the city comes alive with an atmosphere not found anywhere else!


Foz do Iguacu

The gateway to both Paraguay and Argentina, Foz do Iguacu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil. This sub-tropical wonderland will take your breath away with its surrounding mountain ranges, dense thick jungles and of course, the magnificent cascades of the Iguazu Falls.



Manaus is a bustling metropolis situated on the banks of the Negro River. Surrounded by the dense forests of the Amazon, Manaus is the main departure point for many of the eco-tours in the region. Discover great colonial heritage while exploring the largest rainforest on earth – your adventure awaits!



Known for its beautiful coastlines, historic Portuguese architecture and vibrant Brazilian culture, Salvador da Bahia exudes an atmosphere that many cities just can’t match. The rhythmic sounds of Samba fill the streets as its people dance to the beating of drums. Feel the vibe and discover Salvador today!


Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is one of the highest populated cities in the world, and can only be described as a monster! Difficult to master, and quite intimidating, you will need time to discover its hidden beauty. If you’re up to the challenge, there is an abundance of culture to discover and an exciting nightlife to go with it!

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