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The Best Countries To Visit On Your Next Holiday

When people talk about holidays, vacations and world-travel, most people go to the local travel agency and pick a place based on the agent’s advice (even though the agent has never been there before) and the pretty flyers on the shelves. In most cases, this isn’t a terrible way to go about it. However, in today’s world, with all the information we have available, don’t you think it’s a little bit boring and a touch mundane? Travelling can be so much more than that with just a little bit of research and guidance. We’re here to show you a better way! Find what suits your needs and desires, get all the information you can possibly need before you make your decision and lay down your deposit, and find the dream getaway spot you never knew existed!

Beat My Path is a community of online travel bloggers who want to tell the world about their experiences. From the good to the bad, our travel guides will paint the clearest of pictures about what a travel destination has to offer, what you can’t leave without seeing, and what tourist attractions you can simply ignore. Our travel bloggers are not travel agents looking to make a commission. They have experienced the destination first-hand, and they have no bias to their stories. Our writers have nothing to gain other than informing our readers and ensuring you get everything out of your vacation that you ever wanted. All we desire is that you have the adventure you have always dreamed of. So go on, discover the world in a way you have never seen before and start on a journey of travel enlightenment with Beat My Path!


Portugal - Travel Blog


Portugal is full of cultural highlights, with history presenting itself everywhere. See stone-built villages, fortresses, monasteries, and beautiful castles spread out all over the country! Explore this captivating country, where life is enjoyed to the fullest – start planning your trip today!

Puerto Rico - Travel Blog

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful and lively island in the Caribbean Sea, presenting a unique mix of Spanish, Indian and African culture. Immerse in the island’s contagious vitality, its music and colors! White beaches, turquoise water, tropical rainforests and a vivid nightlife combine to a perfect holiday destination!

Russia - Travel Blog


Russia is the largest country in the world offering cultural treasures and beautiful serene landscapes to all travelers. With its colorful onion-shaped domes, historic churches and stunning palaces of the Tsars, Russia is nothing less than a fantasy land, waiting to be discovered!

South Africa - Travel Blog

South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost African state; a diverse country, boasting an interesting mix of African tradition and modern urban culture. The country features endless beaches on two oceans, numerous national parks, modern cities and a famous food scene, making it a premier-league travel destination!

South Korea - Travel Blog

South Korea

South Korea is situated on the southern part of the Korean peninsula and is East Asia’s most developed country. It remains relatively unknown on the tourist radar, yet offers a fascinating culture, unique traditions and many ancient palaces and temples set among beautiful natural scenery.

Spain - Travel Blog


Spain is a mix of colors, music and dance – broadcasting a true love of life! From tapas to flamenco, famous art to architecture, and beautiful beaches sounding its coastline; Spain will reward you with the experience of a lifetime!

Sweden - Travel Blog


Sweden is a largely uninhabited country boasting beautiful wilderness: go on an outdoor adventure exploring its deep forests, scenic lakes and beautiful river landscapes! It is the largest country of Scandinavia and spans from the Arctic Circle in the north to sandy beaches in the south.

Switzerland - Travel Blog


Switzerland is a small alpine country with beautiful unspoiled nature. Its high mountains, green valleys, majestic lakes and picture perfect villages provide an unforgettable holiday experience! Switzerland offers something for every sort of traveler, so experience it today!

Taiwan - Travel Blog


Taiwan is a beautiful travel destination offering stunning historic treasures, a distinct culture and delicious cuisine. The small island nation lies just off the eastern coast of China and features its own interesting cultural mix of Chinese, Japanese and American influences. Experience it today!

Thailand - Travel Blog


Thailand is an amazing beach destination offering rich traditions and lots of fun! There are beautiful shrines and temples, national parks, rainforests, and coral reefs waiting to be explored! Whether you want dreamy beaches, lots of party or a family vacation – Thailand offers it all!

Turkey - Travel Blog


Turkey, the “bridge between East and West”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and for good reason! It boasts a captivating mix of ancient ruins and history, as well as a fascinating culture; it’s certain to make your holiday an amazing experience!

United Arab Emirates - Travel Blog

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are mostly known for their oil riches, powerful sheiks and the striking city of Dubai. But this country offers so much more: apart from the shiny big cities and their amenities, there are impressive desert landscapes, little fishing villages, old forts and archeological sites to discover!

United States of America - Travel Blog

United States of America

The United States of America is immense to say the least, holding a multitude of exciting travel experiences in store! It is the home of iconic cites, plenty of amazing tourist attractions and breathtaking natural splendor. There is no limit to your experiences in this “land of unlimited opportunities”!

Vietnam - Travel Blog


Visitors to the exotic country of Vietnam will discover a trove of spiritual, cultural, and historical treasures. This beautiful country stretched along the South China Sea offers it all: from rich history to spectacular scenery, bustling cities, great food and fascinating cultural sights!

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