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The Best Countries To Visit On Your Next Holiday

When people talk about holidays, vacations and world-travel, most people go to the local travel agency and pick a place based on the agent’s advice (even though the agent has never been there before) and the pretty flyers on the shelves. In most cases, this isn’t a terrible way to go about it. However, in today’s world, with all the information we have available, don’t you think it’s a little bit boring and a touch mundane? Travelling can be so much more than that with just a little bit of research and guidance. We’re here to show you a better way! Find what suits your needs and desires, get all the information you can possibly need before you make your decision and lay down your deposit, and find the dream getaway spot you never knew existed!

Beat My Path is a community of online travel bloggers who want to tell the world about their experiences. From the good to the bad, our travel guides will paint the clearest of pictures about what a travel destination has to offer, what you can’t leave without seeing, and what tourist attractions you can simply ignore. Our travel bloggers are not travel agents looking to make a commission. They have experienced the destination first-hand, and they have no bias to their stories. Our writers have nothing to gain other than informing our readers and ensuring you get everything out of your vacation that you ever wanted. All we desire is that you have the adventure you have always dreamed of. So go on, discover the world in a way you have never seen before and start on a journey of travel enlightenment with Beat My Path!


Argentina - Travel Blog


Argentina is a majestic country in South America, filled with natural wonders and amazing adventures for you to enjoy! This country offers breathtaking scenery including majestic mountains and impressive glaciers, wide pastoral steppes, thick jungle, and beautiful coasts.
Europe - Travel Blog


Austria is a small, mostly mountainous country with only 8 million inhabitants, yet has lots to offer to its visitors, combining culture and nature in a very appealing way. If you like outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking and are also looking for rich cultural experiences, this is the country to go to!
Australia - Travel Blog


Australia boasts unique nature and wildlife and is the perfect place for anyone looking for adventure. Whether it’s travelling through the outback, trekking through rainforest in one of the many national parks or meeting koalas and kangaroos for the first time – the land “down under” is waiting for you!
Bolivia - Travel Blog


Bolivia is a small landlocked nation in South America, loaded with incredible natural appeal, iconic sights and rich indigenous heritage. There is an abundance of interesting places to visit in Bolivia that will not only satisfy all of your travel wishes, but take you into the depths of real South America culture.
Brazil - Travel Blog


Brazil is known for its colorful carnival, urban metropolises and its beautiful golden sand beaches. There’s plenty to see and do in Brazil; where people love to enjoy themselves, lives are lived out in the open and there is always a reason to party. Get ready for an unforgettable holiday!
Canada - Travel Blog


Canada is the largest country in North America, boasting amazing nature, cosmopolitan cities and friendly residents! Its large space is only scarcely populated, leaving room for the most amazing nature experiences around. Canada offers you a beautiful holiday you’ll never forget!
Chile - Travel Blog


Chile is a long, thin country in South America, flanked by the Andes in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. It features majestic glaciers, fjords and high plains, as well as lively cities and a fantastic beach life. Get your camera ready because this country is simply, stunning!
China - Travel Blog


China is a diverse country blending culture, tradition and modern times. It is rich with historical and cultural treasures, offering epic landscapes, breathtaking sights and delicious cuisine. China is a unique and unforgettable experience, and with its many world-class sights it offers you the trip of a lifetime!
Colombia - Travel Blog


The famous country of Colombia lies in the north of South America, fringing the Caribbean and Pacific Sea. Its rich and distinctive culture, amazing landscapes and lively people make it a compelling place for travelers of all kinds! Discover what might be one of the most under-rated travel locations on earth!
Costa Rica - Travel Blog

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exciting, tropical country packed with thrilling adventures for its visitors! Whether you want to lounge on a beach or have some adrenaline fun, this is the country to go to! Over two million people visit this country every year to enjoy its natural beauty and biodiversity.
Croatia - Travel Blog


Croatia is a beautiful country at the Adriatic Sea, loaded with incredible natural, historical and cultural appeal. Its Mediterranean climate, crystal-clear waters, historical treasures and friendly people, guarantee an amazing holiday!
Czech Republic - Travel Blog

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a relatively young nation and is best known for the cultural treasure of its capital, Prague. But there is much more to see: immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions, cuisine and history while travelling through its beautiful landscapes, forests, mountains and lakes.
Denmark - Travel Blog


The little Kingdom of Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe, including the overseas territories Faroe Islands and Greenland. It is a peninsula at the northern tip of Germany, famous for its arts and architecture, Danish design and fabulous cuisine – discover Denmark today!
Dominican Republic - Travel Blog

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an island state in the Caribbean, comprising the eastern half of the Hispaniola island. The island is a sun blessed playground, with beautiful white palm-lined beaches framed by crystal clear waters. This country will make your Caribbean dream come true!
Egypt - Travel Blog


Egypt is a mystical land known for pyramids, mummies, pharaohs and Cleopatra. It offers a fascinating mix of ancient monuments, cultural experiences and underwater beauty to anyone ready to make the journey. Egypt is a premier-league travel destination waiting to be explored!
England - Travel Blog


England combines beautiful countryside with fascinating cities and a glorious history, offering you a unique holiday experience in beautiful scenery! The regional diversity of this country will make a visit as interesting as it is enchanting! Get packing now – ye olde England, awaits!
Fiji - Travel Blog


The island country of Fiji consists of 333 beautiful tropical islands situated in the South Pacific, featuring turquoise lagoons, white sand beaches and beautiful natural surrounds. If you like to relax in a tropical climate and love engaging in water sports, this place is for you! Bula – Welcome to Fiji!
Finland - Travel Blog


Finland is a majestic country of unspoiled nature and endless landscapes. Vast green forests, snowy mountains, arctic fells and glimmering lakes are waiting! Whether you’re looking for a summer of beautiful nature or some winter fun in an amazing snow land, Finland will not disappoint!
France - Travel Blog


The beautiful and diverse country of France is the world’s top travel destination, and rightfully so! Boasting numerous first-class attractions, impressive landscapes, rich history and excellent cuisine, France is simply unbeatable!
French Polynesia - Travel Blog

French Polynesia

Somewhat on the expensive side, French Polynesia the perfect honeymoon destination and known for its dreamy island flair. Go swimming in the many lagoons and relax on white beaches before you go to bed in an overwater bungalow on stunning turquoise water – French Polynesia is waiting!
Germany - Travel Blog


Germany is known for its beer and sausages as well as great engineering and efficiency, but it has so much more! Take its varied landscapes ranging from windy beaches, hilly vineyards and romantic river valleys, to beautiful forests and the splendour of the Alps. Discover it today!
Greece - Travel Blog


Greece is a country blessed with historical and cultural treasures as well as stunning natural beauty. From ancient ruins to pristine island paradises and delicious food; crystal seas and mountains covered in green low tree forests under a wide blue sky. What more can you ask for?
Hungary - Travel Blog


Hungary is home to enchanting cities, thermal springs, old oak forests, lovely river landscapes and folk art. It was once part of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire with Austria, and to this day boasts a feeling of great culture and grandeur. Come and experience the enchantment of Hungary today!
Indonesia - Travel Blog


Indonesia is a country made up of over 17,000 of magnificent islands, waiting to be explored! Its white beaches and stunning nature make it the ultimate leisure retreat. Indonesia combines culture and adventure in beautiful nature, providing you with a sensory experience you will never forget!
Ireland - Travel Blog


Ireland is a small, beautiful island in the Atlantic; called the Emerald Isle for its stunning green landscapes. Apart from rural idyll, it features exciting cities, prehistoric sites and celebrated musical festivals! You can be sure to have a splendid holiday when you visit!
Israel - Travel Blog


Israel holds many cultural treasures and holy sites while maintaining its position as a modern country in the Middle East. The Holy Land for the three monotheistic religions boasts numerous sacred sights and cities, and its age-old world, holds many gems for the spiritual seekers!
Italy - Travel Blog


Italy is a vibrant country known for stunning historical ruins, artistic treasures, celebrated fashion and a fantastic cuisine. Its numerous renowned sights include ancient castles, monasteries, churches, museums and beautiful historical towns. Bella Italia is a real treasure awaiting your visit!
Japan - Travel Blog


Japan is a fascinating island country offering unique traditions and magical natural beauty. Beautiful temples and shrines, scenic escapes and an ancient culture, make Japan a true gemstone of a travel destination! Come and experience the magic Japan has to offer!
Jordan - Travel Blog


Jordan is an Arab kingdom full of rich cultural heritage, making it an intriguing travel destination. Its many archeological treasures, castles, mountains, beaches, and history, will entice travelers looking for culture and relaxation. Although small, Jordan holds a multitude of excellent experiences in store!
Mexico - Travel Blog


The big, colorful country of Mexico is a true gem stone offering a multitude of amazing travel adventures! Mexico’s magical landscapes, breathtaking natural scenery and ancient cultures will provide you with the trip of a lifetime. Travelling Mexico is a journey you will never forget!
Netherlands - Travel Blog


The Netherlands is known for windmills, cheese and wide fields of tulips; but the contemporary Netherlands is so much more! Its multicultural society and relaxed lifestyle offer plenty of interesting experiences! So come and discover this country’s treasures – the Netherlands is waiting for you!
New Zealand - Travel Blog

New Zealand

New Zealand consists of two islands in the Pacific Ocean; boasting beautiful unspoiled landscapes, and countless opportunities for outdoor adventure activities. Add the country’s interesting Maori culture and lovely cities and you have found your perfect holiday destination!
Norway - Travel Blog


Mighty fjords, charming cities, midnight sun, and the great northern lights make up the Kingdom of Norway; a country presenting stunning unspoiled nature and lovely people throughout. The largely uninhabited land makes for a relaxing holiday, so don’t wait – see this pristine natural splendour today!
Peru - Travel Blog


One of the most majestic and exciting countries in South America is Peru. The Land of the Incas offers multiple adventures to the traveler! Ancient Inca ruins, exotic rainforest and majestic Andes mountain ranges combine with a lively culture and excellent cuisine, making this country a must-see!
Poland - Travel Blog


Poland might just be one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe! Relatively unaffected by mass tourism; Poland remains crowd-free, untainted, rich in history, and fairly economical, which makes it a delight to travel. Discover this hidden gem of a country on your next journey!

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