The Best Countries To Visit In Europe

Written By: Chris Manning

Europe is a small but very diverse continent consisting of a dazzling variety of about 50 countries in a relatively small space. Travelling for a few weeks means you will be able to visit multiple exciting countries in one journey, offering you the travel experience of a lifetime! There is a myriad of options to be explored: ancient Greece, romantic Paris, or vibrant Spain – you pick your favorite!

Europe is known as the “old continent” because of its long history and world influence, visible even today throughout a countless number of historic sites. Its many countries make it a very diverse continent with many distinctive cultures, histories and sights to explore. It is bursting with culture such as theater, live music, arts and museums. Get ready for breathtaking landscapes and bustling big cities, as well as picturesque villages, and delicious cuisines to be savored.

Travelling through Europe means getting to enjoy all the diversity this continent has to offer. Whether it’s swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Greece, enjoying renaissance art in Italy, going on a Mediterranean Sea cruise or skiing in the Austrian Alps, there is a multitude of activities to be carried out. Enjoy the canals of Venice, Spanish dolce vita, the beer gardens of Germany, or the buzzing nightlife of London, Paris and Barcelona. You could even go on a culinary adventure, tasting genuine Italian or Greek cuisine. Given the multitude of travel possibilities the only thing you will have to worry about is choosing where to go!

Moreover, travelling around Europe is safe and simple due to an elaborate public transportation system which facilitates getting from one place to the other with ease. So, all in all this beautiful treasure box of a region holds something for everyone. Get out your pen and paper and start planning because there is a truly amazing experience waiting for you!



Austria is a small, mostly mountainous country with only 8 million inhabitants, yet has lots to offer to its visitors, combining culture and nature in a very appealing way. If you like outdoor activities such as skiing and hiking and are also looking for rich cultural experiences, this is the country to go to!



The beautiful and diverse country of France is the world’s top travel destination, and rightfully so! Boasting numerous first-class attractions, impressive landscapes, rich history and excellent cuisine, France is simply unbeatable!



Greece is a country blessed with historical and cultural treasures as well as stunning natural beauty. From ancient ruins to pristine island paradises and delicious food; crystal seas and mountains covered in green low tree forests under a wide blue sky. What more can you ask for?



Spain is a mix of colors, music and dance – broadcasting a true love of life! From tapas to flamenco, famous art to architecture, and beautiful beaches sounding its coastline; Spain will reward you with the experience of a lifetime!



Italy is a vibrant country known for stunning historical ruins, artistic treasures, celebrated fashion and a fantastic cuisine. Its numerous renowned sights include ancient castles, monasteries, churches, museums and beautiful historical towns. Bella Italia is a real treasure awaiting your visit!



Ireland is a small, beautiful island in the Atlantic; called the Emerald Isle for its stunning green landscapes. Apart from rural idyll, it features exciting cities, prehistoric sites and celebrated musical festivals! You can be sure to have a splendid holiday when you visit!



England combines beautiful countryside with fascinating cities and a glorious history, offering you a unique holiday experience in beautiful scenery! The regional diversity of this country will make a visit as interesting as it is enchanting! Get packing now – ye olde England, awaits!



Germany is known for its beer and sausages as well as great engineering and efficiency, but it has so much more! Take its varied landscapes ranging from windy beaches, hilly vineyards and romantic river valleys, to beautiful forests and the splendour of the Alps. Discover it today!



Switzerland is a small alpine country with beautiful unspoiled nature. Its high mountains, green valleys, majestic lakes and picture perfect villages provide an unforgettable holiday experience! Switzerland offers something for every sort of traveler, so experience it today!



Mighty fjords, charming cities, midnight sun, and the great northern lights make up the Kingdom of Norway; a country presenting stunning unspoiled nature and lovely people throughout. The largely uninhabited land makes for a relaxing holiday, so don’t wait – see this pristine natural splendour today!



The Netherlands is known for windmills, cheese and wide fields of tulips; but the contemporary Netherlands is so much more! Its multicultural society and relaxed lifestyle offer plenty of interesting experiences! So come and discover this country’s treasures – the Netherlands is waiting for you!



Russia is the largest country in the world offering cultural treasures and beautiful serene landscapes to all travelers. With its colorful onion-shaped domes, historic churches and stunning palaces of the Tsars, Russia is nothing less than a fantasy land, waiting to be discovered!



Poland might just be one of the most underrated travel destinations in Europe! Relatively unaffected by mass tourism; Poland remains crowd-free, untainted, rich in history, and fairly economical, which makes it a delight to travel. Discover this hidden gem of a country on your next journey!



The little Kingdom of Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe, including the overseas territories Faroe Islands and Greenland. It is a peninsula at the northern tip of Germany, famous for its arts and architecture, Danish design and fabulous cuisine – discover Denmark today!



Hungary is home to enchanting cities, thermal springs, old oak forests, lovely river landscapes and folk art. It was once part of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire with Austria, and to this day boasts a feeling of great culture and grandeur. Come and experience the enchantment of Hungary today!



The Czech Republic is a relatively young nation and is best known for the cultural treasure of its capital, Prague. But there is much more to see: immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions, cuisine and history while travelling through its beautiful landscapes, forests, mountains and lakes.



Croatia is a beautiful country at the Adriatic Sea, loaded with incredible natural, historical and cultural appeal. Its Mediterranean climate, crystal-clear waters, historical treasures and friendly people, guarantee an amazing holiday!



Finland is a majestic country of unspoiled nature and endless landscapes. Vast green forests, snowy mountains, arctic fells and glimmering lakes are waiting! Whether you’re looking for a summer of beautiful nature or some winter fun in an amazing snow land, Finland will not disappoint!



Portugal is full of cultural highlights, with history presenting itself everywhere. See stone-built villages, fortresses, monasteries, and beautiful castles spread out all over the country! Explore this captivating country, where life is enjoyed to the fullest – start planning your trip today!



Sweden is a largely uninhabited country boasting beautiful wilderness: go on an outdoor adventure exploring its deep forests, scenic lakes and beautiful river landscapes! It is the largest country of Scandinavia and spans from the Arctic Circle in the north to sandy beaches in the south.



Known for its glitz and glamour and located in the heart of the French Riviera, Monaco is the world’s second smallest country. But don’t let its size fool you – Monaco is all heart! Lined with super-yachts, and home to the Monte Carlo Casino and the iconic Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monaco will keep you going all night long.



Sitting right in the middle of central Europe is the small but fascinating country of Slovakia. Often overlooked by travellers to the region, Slovakia is one of the last countries on earth that can really be considered to be a unique and untouched travel destination – hidden away from mass tourism and large crowds… at least for now! Come and discover the beautiful quaint towns, the high alpine peaks, and the pristine and magical national parks this country has to offer – you won’t regret it!

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