The Best Countries To Visit In Central America

Written By: Carina Lòpez

The region of Central America and the Caribbean islands includes many wonderful destinations, among them the exciting and colorful countries of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Think of beautiful turquoise waters, dreamy exotic landscapes lined with endless white beaches, splendid colors, stunning sunsets and palm leaves moving in the wind. There is enchanting natural beauty to be found, as well as lots of history to be discovered. Whether you want action and adventure or a relaxed beach holiday, it’s all in the mix!

There are tropical rainforests full of exciting wildlife, mountainous regions with active volcanoes, enchanting colonial cities, magical Mayan ruins and endless white beaches awaiting the adventure seekers. Go to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, climb a Guatemalan volcano or visit Mayan ruins in Mexico. See the beautiful island world of Panama, the beautiful city of Havana in Cuba or the endless white beaches of the Dominican Republic. Experience the colorful cultures varying from region to region, visit the bustling handicraft markets and buy some beautiful memories to take home. Taste the delicious local cuisines and sample coffee in Costa Rica, Tequila in Mexico and cigars in Cuba.

Go surfing, swim with turtles, zip-line across the jungle and relax in colorful cozy hammocks watching stunning sunsets. Snorkel and dive in beautiful underwater worlds and reach maximum relaxation lying on one of the many beaches overlooking turquoise waters, sipping on a delicious cocktail! As the sun sets, immerge yourself into the fiestas and dance to the rhythms of Salsa and Reggaeton.

Traveling through Central America and the Caribbean islands will have you finding temples in the jungle, walking through tropical forest on the coast, lying on endless white beaches and enjoying exotic cuisine and nightlife. This is a journey where fun and pleasure are guaranteed!



The big, colorful country of Mexico is a true gem stone offering a multitude of amazing travel adventures! Mexico’s magical landscapes, breathtaking natural scenery and ancient cultures will provide you with the trip of a lifetime. Travelling Mexico is a journey you will never forget!



Guatemala is a mystic Mayan country, boasting stunning ancient ruins, beautiful colonial churches and colorful highland markets. Offering an exotic wildlife, friendly people and a very interesting cultural life, Guatemala is a fascinating travel destination for a wonderful holiday experience!


Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an island state in the Caribbean, comprising the eastern half of the Hispaniola island. The island is a sun blessed playground, with beautiful white palm-lined beaches framed by crystal clear waters. This country will make your Caribbean dream come true!


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful and lively island in the Caribbean Sea, presenting a unique mix of Spanish, Indian and African culture. Immerse in the island’s contagious vitality, its music and colors! White beaches, turquoise water, tropical rainforests and a vivid nightlife combine to a perfect holiday destination!


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exciting, tropical country packed with thrilling adventures for its visitors! Whether you want to lounge on a beach or have some adrenaline fun, this is the country to go to! Over two million people visit this country every year to enjoy its natural beauty and biodiversity.



Panama is a beautiful stretch of land linking North and South America. It has a long history of colonization and immigration that makes it an interesting mix of cultures and traditions. Add the tropical rainforest, stunning beaches and a diverse wildlife, and you have the perfect travel destination!



Cuba is a vibrant Caribbean island featuring colorful colonial cities, a lively culture and pristine beaches. Its sights and amazing natural beauty make it a must-see! From sunbathing and scuba diving, to nature and nightlife, this island offers you the whole package!


Saint Kitts and Nevis

Time to soak up the laid-back lifestyle of Saint Kitts and Nevis, where the weather is great and there is so much on offer. Stroll the landmarks and relive the vast history dating back to the 1600’s when slaves were bought and sold, relax at one of the enchanting inns that were once majestic sugar plantations, or explore the national parks and the splendour of Mount Liamuiga! Of course, the beaches are pristine, and the diving and snorkelling sites are teeming with marine life!


Saint Martin

Let your hair down in the beautiful island country of Saint Martin, and enjoy the amazing beaches and the vibrant nightlife on offer! By day, explore the history of the island, relax on the sand, and snorkel to see the stunning beauty that lies beneath the water, then stroll through the market and pick up a bargain. By night, a smorgasbord of bars and restaurants await you – the nightlife really is second to none! Saint Martin is a great place to relax and an even better place to party, so what are you waiting for?!


Sint Maarten

The wonderful island of Sint Maarten is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a multitude of fun activities that are jam packed into this tiny country. Soak up the history as you stroll along the cobblestone streets of the capital, Philipsburg. Relax on the beach, and cool down with a snorkel in the pristine water, or get active on the zip-line! As the sun goes down the nightlife comes alive, and there are a host of restaurants and clubs to choose from!


Trinidad And Tobago

Whether you want to relax, discover history in the Port of Spain, or get the adrenalin going on the Zip-Line, Trinidad and Tobago will welcome you with open arms. Trinidad and Tobago is a small nation that offers so much to travellers who are looking to get away from the stresses of regular life, explore the island and enjoy the its laid-back lifestyle. Don’t miss a visit to Maracas Beach, and make sure you enjoy a stop at one of the coffee and cocoa plantations that are steeped in history!

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