With its colorful festivals, floating islands and mystical lake, Puno sounds like something out of a fairytale. Happily, this city whose seamless melding of traditional and Spanish cultures only adds to its allure, is quite real, and you too can experience its serene magic and the natural beauty of its surroundings. The city which is also one of Peru's key cultural centers is located in its south east, with Juliaca to its north and Arequipa and Tacna to its south. During your visit, you will get to admire the beautiful Lake Titicaca, visit the manmade islands which float on it and experience a way of life which is totally different from anywhere else on the globe. You will also be able to visit llama farms and get to observe the mild mannered, amiable camelids up close. With so much to explore and do, you are certain to thoroughly enjoy your vacation in this city which sits on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Puno's main attraction, in addition to its traditional and cultural allure, is the deep blue Titicaca which is actually the highest lake in the world. Visitors who are holidaying in the capital and intend to explore the lakeside city will be able to arrive by air at Juliaca's Aeropuerto Manco Capac, which is the closest airport in the region. They will then be able to take one of the many tourist buses available to Puno which is approximately a 60-minute ride away. Visitors arriving from Cusco also have the option of travelling by train and of getting to view Peru's natural beauty during their 10-hour trip. They may also travel by bus which will actually see them arrive earlier since a trip only lasts for 7 hours. Tourists who have been viewing Arequipa’s exquisite buildings and opt for this same mode of transport will be able to arrive even earlier, since the journey only lasts 5 hours.

Every great tourist destination has a trump card which enables it to stand out among the competition and Puno possesses one of the best of them all - Lake Titicaca. Considered a mystical lake by the region's inhabitants, it is breathtakingly beautiful, and its expanse of deep sapphire water seems to stretch on forever. The lake is also home to manmade floating islands and during your visit, you will actually have the opportunity to spend some time on one such as Amantani and observe a way of life which has continued uninterrupted for centuries. If you are intrigued by ruins, you will be thrilled at the opportunity to participate in a tour to explore Sillustani and admire this example of architecture which actually predates the Inca Empire.