Tropical warmth, lush forests and loads of biodiversity aren't often what spring to mind when anyone thinks of Peru. Yet Iquitos is all these and so much more. The city which sits close to the confluence of the Napo and Amazon rivers, is situated in northeastern Peru to the south of Francisco de Orellana and to the north of Tamshiyacu and Nauta. If you enjoy river cruises, forest hikes and soaking in the magic of the tropics while you relax on the waterfront, your vacation in this city on the edge of the Amazon will certainly provide you with a plethora of great memories which will remain long after your holiday in Iquitos.

If you intend to view this sun drenched, waterside paradise, travelling by air is highly recommended, especially since Iquitos is virtually surrounded by water making it the one urban centre which is impossible to reach by road. Visitors admiring the sights and sounds of the capital Lima or most of Peru’s major cities will have a number of airlines at their disposal. On arrival they will also find that taxis and motocarros are widely used for navigating the city. The latter option which consists of a motorcycle attached to a carriage is a firm favorite among locals. What’s more, it is always readily available and may be rented for an entire day. There aren't too many holiday destinations which come with the opportunity to view manatees really close or even touch their young. But during your vacation at Iquitos, you will be able to view these gentle animals and even bottle feed their babies during a visit to the Amazonian Manatee Rescue Centre dedicated to protecting members of this endangered species.

The Amazon is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife on the planet and there is no better place to admire them while holidaying in Iquitos than Quistococha Zoo. While there you will be able to observe adorable capybaras, regal felines and so many more amazing examples of the impressive fauna the region has to offer.