This holiday destination is a timeless tapestry of soaring stone ruins, European style architecture and a fusion of Quechua and Spanish cultures. And with such a dazzling array of monuments to its illustrious past, it is hardly any surprise that Cusco is one of Peru’s top holiday destinations. The city which enjoys mild weather all year round is situated in southeastern Peru to the north of Juliaca and Arequipa while the city of Ayacucho lies to its west.

Vacationing in this city which belongs both to the past and the present comes with the excellent opportunity of exploring ruins such as the mighty citadel, Sacsayhuaman and the ancient city of aqueducts, Tambomachay. During your vacation, you will also be able to sample Peruvian delicacies such as chicharrones and chairo, and purchase carvings and woven cloth made using methods which are centuries old. With so much to explore and enjoy, there can be no doubt that you too will be touched by the magic this very special holiday destination has to offer.

Any city capable of upstaging the capital is worth checking out, especially one which is renowned for its beauty and culture, just like Cusco. If you happen to be enjoying all the fun Lima has to offer and intend to visit this center of traditional Peruvian culture, you will be delighted to find that it is less than two hours away by air with flights arriving at the Velasco Astete International Airport. Arequipa, with its charming white sillar buildings is slightly closer with flight trips averaging an hour in duration. Once you arrive in Cusco, you will find radio taxis to be a very convenient mode of transport. It is even possible to hire one for an entire day, to ensure you are able to enjoy exploring on your own terms.

Cusco was once the capital city of the Inca Empire and the ruins which dot the landscape tell the tale of the city's illustrious past. But it is Sacsayhuaman which is undeniably the star attraction among them all. During your visit, you will be able to hire a guide or participate in a tour to view this vast citadel created from massive stone blocks and admire this extensive architectural marvel. Tambomachay is another ruin worth visiting. Featuring the same skillfully worked stone which is the trademark of the region's ruins, this complex also contains aqueducts and canals which only add to its beauty. One of the numerous perks of visiting Cusco in addition to its magnificent ruins and lovely weather is the opportunity to sample traditional Peruvian fare.

Divina Rosa, a firm tourist favorite is a great place to start off your gastronomic tour of the city while another amazing option is Nuna Raymi which also comes with the added benefit of cooking classes.