The magical country of Bolivia is a small landlocked nation in South America, loaded with incredible natural appeal, iconic sights and rich indigenous heritage. From the spectacular white salt desert to tropical lowlands, from traditional villages of the Andean Altiplano to beautiful colonial cites; there is an abundance of interesting places to visit in Bolivia that will not only satisfy all of your travel wishes, but take you into the depths of real South America culture.

Bolivia’s stunning geography includes the ice-capped Andean mountains, the wide Altiplano, deep Amazonian rainforest, volcanic geysers, and the huge Lake Titicaca on the border with Peru - the largest navigable lake in the world. Probably the most famous of Bolivia’s geographical features is the breathtaking Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Take a Jeep trip across this otherworldly white landscape and take the most amazing pictures you’ve ever taken, especially after a little rain when reflections in the water produce a surreal phenomenon of the ground and sky merging into one. At night you can sleep in a hotel which, due to a lack of any other material, is made solely out of salt!

Bolivia used to be part of the Inca Empire and to this day offers a chance for unique cultural experiences. Its multiethnic society consist of two thirds indigenous origin, with traditional values still firmly entrenched in everyday life. The numerous colorful festivals and dances, fascinating traditions and lively music are a real treat and a feast for the senses! Bolivia’s rich indigenous heritage is one of its biggest features and will provide you with an authentic South American experience – one which you will never forget.

One of the country’s urban highlights is La Paz, the highest de facto capital in the world, sitting at an incredible 3640 meters above sea level. Climbing up its steep streets you might have to stop several times to catch your breath because of the thin air and a lack of oxygen! La Paz is a blend of tradition and modernity and is renowned for its diverse colorful street markets, where you can find anything from food to brightly colored artisan products. A special treat is the Witches’ Market, where you can buy folk remedies and spells, colorful offerings and dried llama fetuses for good luck!

Make sure to also visit colonial Sucre, the jewel of Bolivia’s cities. Stroll through its cobblestone streets along beautiful white-washed buildings and picturesque plazas and soak up the lively ambiance of this charming city.

For a memorable experience, take a tour of the Potosí mines: go on an underground adventure crawling through the winding tunnels of its famous mining mountain Cerro Rico. Admire the structural feat alongside the miners themselves as they go about their arduous underground work; you can even witness a dynamite blasting while you’re down there as the workers cut through the solid rock walls. Other activities for thrill-seekers include mountain biking down Death Road, a narrow street from La Paz to Coroico, which is considered the world’s most dangerous road.

Bolivia is a relatively poor and therefore cheap travel destination. The comfortable bus journeys are safe and reliable and there are a myriad of accommodation options. Bolivia is a backpacker hit and a treasure trove for those looking for an original South American experience.