This lively little village is tucked away in a splendid valley and holds the secret to the perfect hiking holiday. And it’s all thanks to its access to numerous trails leading to popular destinations such as Mount Fitz Roy whose magnificent peaks can be seen from miles away, and the numerous lakes and icebergs which enhance the region’s natural beauty. The village, whose musical sounding name means ‘smoking mountain’ is situated in Argentina’s Santa Cruz province and nestles beneath two of its most popular destinations: Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy.

If you enjoy vacations which are geared towards the outdoors, this is one location which is worth planning a trip to. In addition to loads of hiking, trekking and camping beneath the stars, you will also be able to go sailing and fishing ensuring you will never have a boring moment. The lakeside city of El Calafe which is famous for its proximity to Lago Argentino and the massive Perito Moreno glacier is El Chalten’s closest neighbor and is a three-hour bus ride away from the village. Visitors from Bariloche will be able to arrive by bus. The journey is recommended for tourists who intend to see as much of Argentina as possible and includes stops at El Bolson and Perito Moreno.

El Chalten comes with loads of thrilling options for outdoor adventure which is guaranteed to make it a simply unforgettable experience. The hiking trail to the sky-blue Laguna de Los Tres passes through terrain with breathtaking scenery and you will be able to view beautiful streams and flora on your way to it. And once you get to the lake you will be rewarded with splendid views of the magnificent Mount Fitz Roy. Another lake worth visiting is Viedma and a boat ride across it is a great means of relaxing and taking a break from trekking. You will be able to glide across its sapphire surface which is occasionally broken by icebergs and even catch a glimpse of condors swirling on the air currents above.