What’s in a destination? Especially one with such a poetic name like the Argentine capital? Loads of magic, that’s for sure. From its majestic Italian and French palaces, glamorous hotels right through to its decadent parillas (steakhouses), all against a backdrop of amazing murals, this city will take you on a journey of discovery with memories which are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Located on Argentina’s north-eastern shore, the city of Fair Winds, lies just tucked in, beneath Uruguay’s south eastern border, from the South Atlantic Ocean. This vibrant urban center which radiates the European charm of past centuries sits right in pampas country and visitors to the city can expect to be treated to a perfect combination of the ancient and the modern, only made more alive by the tango’s never-ending rhythm. In spite of its proximity to Tigre which is renowned for its waterways and mate museum, or the luxurious San Isidoro with its beautiful waterfront houses, Buenos Aires promises to provide visitors with a color and vibrancy which is virtually unmatched anywhere else in the nation.

Visitors to Uruguay’s capital of Montevideo can take advantage of great ferry rates which will bring them from one of South America’s great art deco paradises to this colorful, vibrant capital in an average of three hours. The South Argentine capital also does a great job of providing connecting flights to other Latin American capitals including Caracas, Quito and Bogota, enabling you to extend your South American adventure.

Buenos Aires certainly lives up to its reputation as the Paris of the South. During your visit, you will be able to indulge in exciting shopping trips, visit historic monuments such as the Casa Rosada (the Pink Palace) and experience the magic of the tango at a milonga. And thanks to its parillas which are everywhere and the promise of succulent juicy steaks and delightful wine they provide, you will never run out of energy to move on to your next adventure in the golden sunshine.