Argentina is a majestic country in South America, filled with natural wonders and amazing adventures for you to enjoy! This country offers breathtaking scenery including beautiful mountains and impressive glaciers, wide pastoral steppes, thick jungle, and beautiful coasts - get ready for a truly rewarding nature experience!

A must-see is the stunning national park Los Glaciares near El Calafate, with an impressive huge glacier's ice field. See the centuries old ice constantly advancing and cracking as parts of it crash into the water right in front of you!

Apart from the spectacular natural beauty, Argentina features bustling cities, the most famous being Buenos Aires. The pulsating capital is composed of several different quarters, one of the most famous being La Boca with its brightly colored facades, featured on so many postcards. Expect beautiful European architecture and a busy city life with mega streets consisting of up to 12 lanes!

Cordoba, the country's second largest city, is rich in colonial architecture and was awarded the title of ‘Cultural Capital of the Americas’ in 2006. See modern and classical art in its excellent museums and enjoy the lively student atmosphere in the streets.

Take a trip to beautiful Bariloche featuring pristine lakes and snowy mountains, inviting travelers to a skiing adventure. Also, very much worth a trip is Iquitos, the jungle metropolis, only accessible by boat or air. It was built on a wide river plain and is a doorway to the rainforest and its little villages. Take a boat trip down the Amazon or go on a guided jungle tour and have a real adventure experiencing the exotic wildlife!

One of the top-rated tourist attractions are the breathtaking Iguazu Falls situated on the border to Brazil, surrounded by thick green rainforest. Take a ride towards the Falls on one of the little boats and get yourself wet from the spray!

A big part of Argentina's vibrant culture is its famous dance, the Tango Argentino. This passionate and sexy dance will leave you hungry for more! Go see one of the many shows or witness couples in one of the outdoors dancing areas - and don't miss out on taking a lesson yourself!

Last but not least, indulge in some serious feasting and savor the legendary steak coming from Argentina's huge cattle ranches. Pair it with some world-class wines, among them the famous red wine Malbec of Mendoza. While grilled goods are certainly the heart of Argentina's cuisine there are plenty of other delicious dishes to try - sample some of the street food if you can!

Being so rich in nature as well as culture and entertainment it is no wonder Argentina is such a popular travel destination! Pack your bags and go explore!