The great continent of South America consists of many fascinating countries, bursting with life and diversity. This continent is a magical world of wild and awe-inspiring landscapes, pulsating metropolises, and fascinating cultures just waiting to be uncovered!

Filled with historical and cultural treasures, its countries are boasting numerous first-class attractions. Dance the night away in one of Buenos Aires' vibrant clubs, trek to breathtaking Machu Picchu, witness carnival madness in Rio de Janeiro, or sample world-class wines in Santiago de Chile - the options are endless!

The breathtaking scenery ranges from Andean plateaus to rainforests, glaciers, snowy mountains, vast grasslands and beautiful beaches. To see it all you will have to travel some distance, which is best enjoyed taking a journey on one of the very comfortable buses across the land.

These countries truly hold an adventure for you: go on a jungle tour in the deep rainforests, hike the vast and deserted plateaus of the Andes, or climb the peak of a snow-covered mountain. To relax, visit one of the beautiful beaches or islands and enjoy some down-time while having an ice-cold beer listening to Latin American tunes.

Among the urban highlights are cities like Cusco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire, featuring many well-preserved buildings dating back to Inca and Spanish colonial time. Another must-see destination is Sao Paolo, a cosmopolitan city providing great shopping, restaurants and clubs. If you're looking for something a little smaller, try Cordoba, a cultural capital with lots of young student life in its historic streets. And let's not forget colorful Valparaíso, built vertically a top a hill overlooking the sea.

Apart from ancient regions and cultural experiences, these countries also offer a whole world of amazing foods and beverages to the curious traveller: Sample some of the famous Chilean wines or indulge in Argentinian steaks, try something new like the savoury Peruvian Huancaína or have some original Caipirinhas while sitting on a Brazilian beach!

Bursting with life and diversity, these countries will not let you down, but rather reward you with the trip of a lifetime! What are you waiting for?