A Resident’s Guide to Mexico City

A Resident’s Guide to Mexico City

Written By: Santana

Growing up and living in Mexico City for my entire life, I might be a little biased when it comes to writing about all of the great things that you’ll find in the city. It’s one of the biggest capital cities throughout the world and is a prime destination for international travelers coming to Mexico. While I am aware that Mexico City does have its negative publicity from time to time, it’s still a great city that’s filled with culture and plenty of Mexican heritage.

If you’re coming to Mexico City for the first time or you’re coming on a return visit and not sure what to do, here are some of my must-see destinations.

La Plaza de la Constitución

Best known as Zócalo, officially named the La Plaza de la Constitución, is the main square in the city. The location of the square dates back hundreds of years, as it was once a vital ceremonial center for the Aztec people. The size of the square is also amazing at 57,600 square meters, which makes it one of the largest throughout the world. You can spend a few hours just in this area alone -- many cultural sites are located here including the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. If you’re into architecture, many of the buildings located around the main square feature beautiful designs and accents. The square is also a great place to watch entertainment as there’s often Aztec music or dancing.

Palacio de las Bellas Artes

In my opinion the Palacio de las Bellas Artes is perhaps the most beautiful in all of Mexico City and one of my favorite places to go when I have a day of freedom. The architecture of the building is breathtaking and features an Art Nouveau style -- it also is home to fine arts and other cultural exhibits. When you’re visiting, be sure to check the calendar for any of the exhibits or performances that are being held. It’s an amazing experience to see a theatrical performance in this iconic building.

Bosque de Chapultepec

Once you’re done visiting the town square, head over to the Bosque de Chapultepec for some more exploring. This park also dates back to Aztec times and is very large at a little under 2000 acres -- that makes it one of the largest public parks throughout the entire Western Hemisphere. The park is also a thriving tourist destination, which features many interesting museums and attractions including the National History Museum and the Chapultepec Castle, both of which are highly recommended.

Paseo de la Reforma

If you’ve seen many pictures of Mexico City, chances are you’ve definitely noticed a famous statue, known as the Angel of Independence. This part of Mexico City was designed during the late 1800s and was completed with European inspiration of the time -- this boulevard passes directly through the center of Mexico City and has many of the tall buildings along the stretch. Aside from the Angel of Independence statue, it’s fun to just walk up and down this boulevard to check out public arts or to stop into one of the local restaurants for a bite to eat. What I love in particular about this boulevard is that it puts you in the crosshairs of both modern and old world, combining the visual sight of the Angel of Independence with some of the growing modern skyscrapers that are cropping up throughout the city.

Museo de la Antropologiá

If you like to visit different museums when you go to a new city, the Museum of anthropology is one of my favorites for a variety of reasons. It contains a vast collection of artifacts dating thousands of years to the early civilizations, including Mayan and pre-Columbian inhabitants. The Museum of Anthropology is one of the busiest museums in the entire country, and is housed in a building that is architecturally beautiful as well as being a cultural point of interest. Another fun museum to visit is the Frida Kahlo Museum, which is also called The Blue House -- this museum features some of Frida Kahlo’s artwork as well as Diego Rivera’s, who was her husband. If you like Mexican art or want to learn about two world famous artists, Frida Kahlo’s Museum is interesting to walk through.

When it comes to Mexico City this is just a little bit of what you can see and do while you’re there -- friendly people, delicious food and many cultural and historic sites make Mexico City a popular destination!

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