Top Sydney Destinations: 5 Must See Attractions During Your

Top Sydney Destinations: 5 Must See Attractions During Your

Written By: Oly

As the largest city in Australia, Sydney has its fair share of gorgeous destinations, beautiful views and iconic skyline -- which could mean that it’s often overwhelming for new travellers to figure out what to do on their first visit. Whether you’re interested in staying within the city limits or exploring the surrounding beaches, Sydney has it all.

Growing up in the city, I still have many things to see and do, but for the first time visitor and those on a budget, I’ve created the five must-see attractions that you should implement into any itinerary. This list of attractions appeals to just about any traveller to the area and features a blend of interests, whether you’re wanting to see some of the iconic landmarks or explore the popular family destinations.

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

If you’re travelling to Sydney with children, one of fun attractions in the city is the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. The aquarium features different exhibitions ranging from creatures found in the Australian ocean to other marine life throughout the country’s rivers and water systems. One of the highlights of the aquarium is the underwater adventure, which allows you to walk underground and immerse yourself in a marine habitat. The aquarium is also located close to other points of interests and public transportation, so it’s easy to reach from virtually anywhere in the city.

Queen Victoria Building

For those who have time or money to spend shopping around, the Queen Victoria Building offers prime shopping real estate in a gorgeous and iconic destination. Even those who are not into shopping should definitely take time to visit the Queen Victoria Building for its beauty and architecture alone. The building features many architectural details including stained-glass windows and impressive grand staircase -- beautiful for taking pictures or just window shopping if you don’t have extra money to spend on goods.

The Queen Victoria Building is one of the architectural points of interest in Sydney, so it’s definitely worth a visit. The ornate old world building also sits amongst modern points of interest and businesses, which creates a unique blend of cultures and time.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is considered one of the top beaches in Australia and one of the most culturally popular destinations for the residents of Sydney. The beach is also easy to reach by mass transit and the location is close to other points of interest, which makes it one of the most popular for travellers and locals. No matter what time of year you visit Sydney, a walk along Bondi Beach is definitely a highlight. Bondi Beach is also surrounded by a range of high-end restaurants and grassy park areas, which make for a perfect location for a beach picnic.

If you’re driving to Bondi Beach, be prepared to pay for hourly parking or you’ll need to find a spot further away -- this could be an issue during peak travel seasons when the beach is quite populated; one idea is to bike down or use mass transit in order to save on parking.

Sydney Botanic Gardens

After you spent the day exploring the Sydney Harbour and walking around many of the bustling points of interest throughout the city, the Sydney Botanic Gardens offers a quiet escape for all visitors. In addition to the beautiful landscape of the Botanic Gardens, you’ll even see amazing views of Sydney Harbour -- which in itself is worth a visit.

There are different gardens located throughout the landscape, which highlight the various geographical locations throughout Australia. One interesting point to make about the Sydney Botanic Garden is that it constantly changes based on season, so even if you’ve been to the gardens in the past visiting during a different season will provide you with a new experience and give you many fresh sites to enjoy during a visit.

Sydney Opera House

Last but not least is the Sydney Opera House, which is located in the Sydney Harbour near Bennelong Point. This is perhaps one of the most popular points of interest in Sydney, and likely one of the most photographed. When you are visiting, be sure to check out the event calendar to see if you are able to secure tickets to a performance -- while the outside of the Sydney Opera House is spectacular, the inside is just as beautiful.

This is just a few of the options to visit when you’re exploring Sydney for the first time and gives you a well-rounded view of some of the most popular attractions within a short amount of space.

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