A quaint, lakeside town, Taupo has an interesting and historic past. The nearby volcano, which last erupted in 181 AD, affected the air quality and sky from its New Zealand location all the way to China and Europe! Like many natural landmarks in the country, the lake is significant in Maori legends and cultures. Visitors to this quiet town will find many activities to do that provide a bit of an escape from the typical city attractions and activities.

If you love to fish, Taupo is the place for you. The lake features a number of fish to catch including trout – and the surrounding landscape provides plenty of outdoor recreation for those who like to get outside and experience nature. Walking and hiking enthusiasts will especially find many day trips and excursions to keep occupied – there is a lakeside trail that allows you to enjoy the scenic waters of Lake Taupo, while also soaking in the peace and quiet of the area. Picnic benches and stopping points are located throughout each of the trails, which is great when you want to be out on the trails all day long! Not sure which trail you want to do? The Great Lake Trail is one of the most popular all-season options and stretches 71 kilometres around the entire lush shoreline. You can either walk this trail in pieces over the course of a few days or only do small sections to fit your itinerary. Once you’ve done enough walking, be sure to visit the awesome geothermal surroundings at Craters of the Moon, which features a suspended boardwalk over bubbling mud pools and vented steam.

Though Taupo is definitely a paradise for those who love outdoor recreation, there is still plenty to do for city-dwellers. The unique topography and volcanic environment means that the soil and water is some of the best in the world, which lends to the overall exceptional quality of craft beers, ciders and wines that come from this region. Head out on a craft beer tour to sample the varieties, or spend the afternoon on a winery tour to savor the sophisticated flavours that Taupo has to offer!