The second largest island in Fiji, Vanua Levu is a little off the beaten path compared to its more popular counterparts. That doesn’t mean there’s any less to see or do on the islands but is definitely something to consider if you’re looking for a tropical getaway that is a little bit more exclusive and has less tourism. For those who like to get outdoors and see the garden landscape of the island, Vanua Levu has a good number of attractions and things to explore that will leave everyone happy.

The island has an interesting history and for those who like more charm and personality in a destination, Vanua Levu definitely has it. The island first started out as an outpost for sailors and was home to Australian convicts who escaped the confines of their prison. Over the years it became an essential part of the sugarcane industry and today offers attractions and accommodations for all interests and guests. Beachfront resorts cover all different budgets and desired amenities, as well as close proximity to many of Fiji’s most popular diving spots. Fiji attracts snorkelers and surfers from all over the world because of the gorgeous colored coral reefs and exotic marine life. If you’re coming to Fiji, the locals highly recommend that you spend some time snorkeling along the coastlines and throughout some of the accessible lagoons. If adventure isn’t really your thing, the beaches alone along Vanua Levu are just as worthy of visiting for the day.

One of the most popular attractions to visit for the day is Natewa Bay, which can be set up through the resorts or creating an itinerary from one of village businesses. During your visit to the bay, you’ll have the opportunity to experience close proximity to a pod of dolphins in their natural habitat -- but even if the dolphins are not there on your visit, the snorkeling and diving alone definitely makes it worth a trip.

You can easily access the island from Nadi throughout the week – charter plans operate each morning, which also connects you with international flights and other Fiji destinations leaving from Nadi.