Comprised of 74 beautiful islands, the Whitsundays are located between the iconic Great Barrier Reef and the northern portion of Queensland. This tropical wonderland is the perfect destination for those who want a coastal getaway or plan on visiting the Great Barrier Reef. Throughout the Whitsundays, you’ll find a variety of quaint little towns, romantic and secluded beaches and plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Many of the Whitsundays islands are uninhabited, but there are four that you can visit that put you in a perfect proximity to the coral reefs and other tropical marine life located around the Great Barrier Reef. Resorts on these islands meet a variety of needs, whether you want something family-friendly, eco-friendly or even all-inclusive, there are resorts that fit budget and lifestyles. The Whitsundays are geared for visitors who want to get out and explore the tropical islands and landscape -- the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world!

Relax and soak in the tropical atmosphere with a sunset cruise or snorkel at some of the more secluded beaches as you explore coral reefs and breathtakingly beautiful tropical fish the call the reef home. At many of the resorts you have a variety of amenities to take advantage of when you want to indulge, whether it’s enjoying fine dining at one of the many restaurants or soaking up a skin treatment or massage at one of the day spas.

If you like to get a little adventurous or want to get the adrenaline pumping, the Whitsundays have activities for you as well! Jet skis are available for hire which will allow you to zip around the waterways, but if you prefer to see things from the air, a helicopter is always an ideal option. The Whitsundays are an ideal alternative to a city holiday -- you don’t have to venture out to international waters to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes and atmospheres that the world has to offer. Australia has everything that you could imagine from thriving metropolitan areas to tropical islands!