Australia boasts unique nature and wildlife and is the perfect place for anyone looking for a little adventure. Whether it's travelling through the outback, trekking through rainforest in one of the many national parks or meeting koalas and kangaroos for the first time - you can be sure to have an amazing experience!

The continent is located on the southern hemisphere and is only scarcely populated with most of the population living on the coast. There are a few major cities you should definitely pay a visit to: experience cultural Melbourne, subtropical Brisbane, colonial Adelaide or hip and trendy Sydney as you travel the continent!

Australia's coast life includes a range of watersports such as swimming, surfing, diving or paddle boarding. Among the many aquatics, one of the most breathtaking is snorkelling or diving at the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, the biggest reef in the world with its amazing underwater beauty and sea life.

A great option to explore Australia's natural splendour is taking a road trip along the coast which will reward you with stunning views and breathtaking nature. The roads are excellent and camping sites widely available. Want something more adventurous: take a 4WD and go off road, for example on Fraser Island, the world's biggest sand island, where you'll find the beach to be an actual highway!

Australia's modern history may be short but native Aborigines have been living there for over 40,000 years. Aboriginal culture nowadays can be experienced in dance and arts as well as shows and tours. Visiting the sacred Ayer's Rock in the middle of the country could very well be the highlight of your journey!

Since the continent is so big, there is a multitude of regions to explore and things to do - plan a long trip if you can or come again! The land "down under" is waiting for you!