Oceania is a designation for the pacific island region north and east of Australia, including New Zealand, and the thousands of islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. The region consists of multiple different island groups, each offering a wonderful set of tropical holiday experiences!

The many islands invite you to scuba dive, snorkel, or relax under a palm tree sipping on a cocktail. There are stunning coral reefs, magical rainforests and palm-lined beaches with turquoise water to be explored. Prepare for tropical weather, crystal-clear waters and beautiful sunsets. These are islands with unique flora and fauna, fish, birdlife, marine animals and colorful reefs, exotic fruits and flowers. A journey to the oceanic islands is a journey to paradise!

The diversity of this region lets you enjoy the red-desert of the Australian Outback, as well as the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the white sandbanks and beaches of the shores, snow-capped mountains, and emerald green forests. See dolphins and whales, and snorkel along corals full of multi-colored fish in the beautiful Pacific waters!

There are some beautiful countries in this region offering outstanding holiday experiences: Australia with exciting wildlife, cultural Aboroginal treasures and breathtaking nature. See the outstanding underwaterworld of the Great Barrier Reef, visits rainforests, the outback and enjoy the coastal life. New Zealand is for the nature lovers with active volcanoes, long sandy beaches, snow-covered mountains and deserts all to be found in one country! Visiting Fiji means a relaxed tropical holiday on one of the 333 islands enjoying soft coral diving and beach life. French Polynesia offers coral reefs and beautiful white sand beaches on its many islands, the most well-known being Tahiti and Bora Bora. In New Caledonia, the French and Melanesian mix into an interesting combo enriching these islands situated in a pristine lagoon.

Consisting of so many diverse island worlds, Oceania has something in store for everyone. What will your dream destination be?