As one of the most popular destinations in the United States, New York City has so much to offer any visitor – whether you’re here just for the weekend or want to dedicate a week or more to exploring the various streets, neighbourhoods and tourist hotspots. The largest city in the country, New York City is the place to go when you want to explore theatres, museums, restaurants and scenic locations – all within walking distance or use of public transportation.

No matter how much time you have to spend in New York City, you can create a fun itinerary that will take you all over the city. From walking around the expansive Central Park in midtown to exploring Wall Street downtown and everywhere in between, there is no shortage of sights and experiences to absorb during your stay.

At every turn, there is an iconic New York City destination waiting to be explored. From Times Square and all of the eye-catching displays to the nearby Broadway and world-renowned plays and musical productions, you can easily spend an entire day walking up and down the various streets – including the famous Fifth Avenue. Midtown Manhattan has a good number of things to see including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park and the New York Public Library, all within walking distance.

Of course, what to eat while in New York City is another thing to consider. Street food is definitely popular in the city and is quite inexpensive when you want to eat on the go. While there are plenty of famous restaurants to visit during your stay, no trip to the Big Apple is complete without eating a street cart hot dog, freshly baked bagel and a slice of pizza. Looking for a delicious dessert to finish your day? Authentic New York City cheesecake from Junior’s is always a good choice.

Explore the city by foot – walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the nearby borough of Brooklyn, or venture into the architecturally stunning Grand Central Station to hop on the subway and visit any of the countless stops throughout Manhattan and surrounding boroughs!