As a melting pot of delicious food, jazz music and vibrant ambiance, New Orleans is one city that will mesmerize you from the moment you arrive. The location on the Gulf Coast means that some months are better for visiting for others -- summer months tend to be very hot and humid. It’s not unusual to find days that are over 100 degrees at 100 percent humidity! The peak travel times for New Orleans range from October through April -- with it substantially more popular during iconic celebration times like Mardi Gras and Easter holidays.

New Orleans is always high energy and you’ll see it everywhere you go -- from the brassy tunes and jazz music coming out of area clubs throughout all hours of the day to smells of Cajun food wafting through the air, this city is definitely one that engages all the senses. The famous French Quarter is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the country -- from the lively atmosphere on Bourbon Street to the numerous restaurants and shops, this areas is definitely one that you will want to visit during any length of stay. History and culture just oozes out of the New Orleans streets and you’ll find it everywhere you go thanks to the architecture and ambiance of surrounding districts and neighborhoods. When you really want to explore the history of New Orleans, stroll through the Garden District, which features mansions dating back over a century and oak trees that are even older than that!

For those who love history, take some time to explore The National World War II Museum, as well as the Chalmette Battlefield. While it might seem spooky to some, walking through the any number of the cemeteries will interest those who want to take a step back in time and see some of the notable figures in New Orleans history. Whether you’re on a budget or not, there are also many free things to do throughout the city and take you away from tourist areas -- such as Frenchman Street, which offers an authentic New Orleans vibe without the buzz of Bourbon Street.