The United States of America is immense to say the least, holding a multitude of exciting travel experiences in store! It is the home of iconic cites, plenty of amazing tourist attractions and breathtaking natural splendour.

Known from many movies, New York is probably the most famous city of the United States. But others like sunny Miami, political Washington D.C., hilly San Francisco, or the gambling center Las Vegas with its famous shows, are just as equally renowned and well worth a visit! The U.S.A is considered a melting pot of cultures and that's what makes its destinations so interesting - there are many different lifestyles to be experienced all in one country.

Whether you want an uplifting adventure throughout the countryside, go shopping in world-class boutiques, savor a traditional American dinner, or enjoy an exciting night out in the "big smoke" - it is all possible, and more!

Visit famous sights like Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and the Golden Gate Bridge. Or go on a truly American holiday and visit Walt Disney World in Florida, greeting Mickey Mouse and his friends! Lovers of the arts can enjoy shows on Broadway, original movie theaters and plenty of museums - among them the famous Museum of Modern Art in New York - as well as one of the various big shows in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately this large country provides only limited travel infrastructure - so renting a car and going on a road trip may be a good idea, perhaps even across the country! Follow the legendary highways listening to music and stop in famous motels along the way, for example along the Pacific Coast with its rewarding views. Wind-down on the beaches of the west coast and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of San Diego or San Francisco. Los Angeles and its Hollywood industry allow for a remarkable stop as you take a tour of the Universal Film Studios and get a glimpse of America's world-famous film industry.

However the U.S.A. is more than urban life and amusement: there are many stunning national parks waiting to be explored, boasting truly amazing natural experiences for hikers and visitors! See the impressive Redwoods, walk through empty grasslands and along serene lakes and enjoy iconic views and camping in forests full of wildlife. Among the many natural wonders of this country are breathtaking places like the Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon, just waiting to be photographed!

Whether you want to bet in Vegas, see the amazing Grand Canyon, trek in Yellowstone National Park, or listen to some live Jazz music in New Orleans, there is no limit to your experiences in this "land of unlimited opportunities"!