Québec City features all of that old world charm and European elegance that you would never expect in a thriving and bustling modern city in North America. Ranked as one of the top Canadian destinations by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Québec City is a gorgeous destination all year long. Featuring cobblestone streets that date back more than 400 years and European architecture, Québec City is the perfect destination for those who want to get out and explore the traditional Canadian landscape, while also enjoying that feeling as if you’re walking around a romantic city that dates back hundreds of years.

With a reputation of being one of the oldest established cities in North America, it’s no wonder that there are an endless number of activities to enjoy during your visit to Québec City. Countless landmarks and attractions cater to many interests and budgets -- whether you just want to walk around and soak up the ambience or you actually want to create a list of things to see and do during your stay. Of course, one of the highly recommended things to do while you’re visiting this region in Canada is to explore Old Quebec, which isn’t necessarily a single point of interest but rather a historic area dedicated to many old world architectural styles, fine dining, shopping and a thriving cultural scene. As you walk around Old Québec, you’ll notice centuries old churches and other religious chapels, which really highlight and emphasis of culture and lifestyle in the area.

Did you know that Québec is one of the only remaining cities still fortified by a wall today? Dating back to 1608, Québec’s wall fortification ranges in just under 3 miles and still stands strongly today. While you’re visiting the fortifications, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to tour guides provide some history about the city as well as the surrounding area and St. Lawrence River. This experience is entertaining and educational for children and adults alike and features some live demonstrations and historical reenactments to really give you a thorough understanding of Québec’s history.

If shopping throughout quaint stores and dining at bistros is something you would like to do, you’re in luck because Québec City takes European charm to a whole new level with the Petit Champlain District, which features boutiques, retail shops and numerous restaurants all showcasing a range of cuisines.