The region of North America comprises the two major countries, Canada and the United States of America, making up almost the whole northern part of the American continent. The area from Canada's snowy glaciers down to the sunny south of the United States will give you plenty of opportunities to experience new things, and to have a real adventure!

There are huge national parks with breathtaking nature to explore, natural wonders like Niagara Falls or the Red Canyon to see, and big cities like Vancouver or New York to visit. The urban life is just around the corner from the serenity of uninhabited nature, so you can mix up your holiday from city trip to outdoor adventure and then to the coastlines and beaches. Among the top places to see are sights like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Statue of Liberty in New York, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and places like the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park, or Niagara Falls. You can take a trip to the snow fields and hit the slopes, or go hiking in beautiful national parks, as well as enjoy big city life in one of the famous cities like Los Angeles or Montreal! There are also plenty of options for beach-lovers on both sides of the continent, with beautiful waters to take a dip in.

Due to the dimensions of these countries, taking a road trip is a great option to start exploring! Travel on long, open roads through impressive scenery, take the famous Route 66 or travel along the coastlines and stop wherever it looks inviting!

To get an idea of sports culture, make sure to catch one of the big sporting events, be it hockey, basketball, or baseball and experience the excitement and passion accompanying it.

If you want natural wonders, big city life, and an adventurous time on or off the road, this is the region to go to!  These countries provide a huge array of places to see and amazing experiences to gain - get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!