Considered one of the most luxurious regions in the entire world, Dubai is best known for it’s breathtaking architecture, energetic atmosphere and some of the wealthiest shopping centers around the globe. At every turn you will be mesmerized by the ultramodern landmarks and astounding points of interest – one of the iconic landmarks being the Burj Khalifa, which stands at 830 meters and is a quintessential skyscraper in the Dubai skyline. Visitors to the skyscraper also have the opportunity to head up to the observation deck for views that are literally out of this world!

As the most populated city within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is situated on the coastline of the Persian Gulf and is also the capital of one of the emirates that make up the entire country. Those who are looking for the utmost in luxury, whether it revolves around fine dining, accommodations or shopping, Dubai has gained a reputation for offering the best and boldest throughout the world. One of the most beautiful accommodations in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab, which features opulent rooms and suites as well as multiple restaurants, numerous pools an ultra-luxurious spa and private beach. When you want an exceptional experience full of extravagance, a trip to Dubai is highly recommended. The shopping malls in the city are no exception and are just as opulent as anything else throughout the region – the Dubai Mall boasts of dozens of high-end department stores, as well as a movie cinema, ice rink and aquarium.

Though Dubai is definitely known for its over-the-top landmarks and attractions, it is possible to enjoy more down to earth experiences. Whether it means visiting one of the many lounges throughout the neighborhoods or spending time listening to live music, Dubai offers a blend of experiences -- though most of it does cater to an affluent crowd. Despite its location in the Middle East, Dubai is unique in that it features a vast diversity of cultures, cuisines and arts -- ideal for those who are traveling to the region for the first time looking for a memorable experience.