Once a bustling city along the famed Silk Road, this city which sits surrounded by mountains on the edge of a secluded bay remains one of the very best spots in which to soak up Turkey's history and culture. And best of all, Izmir also happens to be one of those cities which has come fully into the 21st century in spite of its close connections to its intriguing past, making it a place filled with exciting experiences waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. This thriving, sun drenched city lies tucked in on Turkey's western coast, on the shores of the Aegean Sea, to the east of Çesme, Alçati and Urla and north of Kusadasi, Söke and Samos. Izmir is also located south of Menemen and Manisa while Turgutlu and Salihi lie to its east. If you love the idea of bustling bazaars, delicious Turkish food, beautiful beaches and lots of sightseeing, you will absolutely be in for a treat during your visit to Izmir which even has more surprises in store for you!

Izmir's Adnan Menderes Airport serves as a central flight hub in the region and is a 3-hour flight away from the city of Bursa. Marmaris on the other hand is slightly further with flights averaging 3 and a half hours while Istanbul is pretty close with flights typically lasting over an hour. The city itself makes use of an extensive bus network which makes getting around really convenient. There is also a metro line which ferries passengers to and fro between its centre and its northern quarter. If you enjoy cycling, you will be pleased to find that Izmir also runs a public bike scheme making it really easy for you to get to your destination of choice.

If you love food, shopping and the joyful cacophony that can only be found in the busiest outdoor markets, a visit to Kemaralti Market is a fantastic way of getting your holiday in Izmir off to a flying start. It is the perfect spot to enjoy every imaginable variety of the world famous Turkish delight, delicious olives of every possible hue and sweets bursting with colour and flavor. Once you've pampered your tastebuds, you will also be able to pamper your skin thanks to a visit to Hierapolis-Pamukkale, an ancient Roman town renowned for its lovely hot springs.  A much deserved, relaxing soak in their soothing mineral waters, surrounded by picturesque ruins is likely to be the highlight of your visit to this ancient town and even to Izmir, itself. Izmir's city centre, is home to the impressive Agora, with stone archways and whispering fountains marking out the very spot where a thriving market once stood several centuries ago. The acropolis of Pergamon also comes highly recommended if you intend to view more ruins. This ancient city which is almost two thousand years old, contains soaring pillars and a remarkably preserved theatre as well as magnificent views of Bergama, a nearby town.