Jordan is an Arab kingdom full of rich cultural heritage, making it an intriguing travel destination. Its many archeological treasures, castles, mountains, beautiful beaches, and fascinating history, will entice travelers looking for culture and relaxation! Jordan is a place where modernity and tradition meet: modern cities and urban people exist side by side with small farming villages and traditional tribal life. Experience the famous hospitality and accept an invitation for tea or food while getting to know the friendly Jordanian people. Make sure to try a meal of mansaf, the national dish of lamb and rice that is usually eaten in a group, only using your hands!  

There are many holy places in Jordan, among them Mount Nebo, the Al-Maghtas ruins at the Jordan river where Jesus is believed to have been baptized, and the tombs of Prophet Muhammad’s companions.

Visit Jordan’s most famous attraction, the incredible city of Petra, a stone city cut out of the sandstone rocks at Araba valley. For a truly breathtaking experience, take the night tour walking along the mile-long gorge called Siq towards the city, illuminated by hundreds of candles! Second famous, but nonetheless beautiful, are the Graeco-Roman ruins in Jerash, featuring a hippodrome and stunning amphitheater.

Go hiking in the beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve, or take a trip to Aqaba and explore the amazing Red Sea’s underwater world. Snorkel or dive in its famous coral reefs which will simply amaze you with its colors and marine life!

Vastly covered in desert, this country offers a one of a kind adventure: make sure to go on a desert trip by jeep or camel, see the Wadi Rum and its otherworldly landscape of bizarre sandstone formations, and sleep in a traditional Bedouin camp. Detached from reality you can enjoy the sight of a million stars in the vast desert sky!

The Arab capital Amman is a modern city featuring numerous cafes, souks and a lively nightlife. Relax in a street café with a mint tea and smoke a shisha; enjoy some people watching as the world passes by.

And last but not least visit the famous Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, which is known for its magical saline waters offering health benefits for the skin and a unique and fun floating experience!

Although fairly small, Jordan holds a multitude of excellent holiday experiences in store, rewarding you with interesting culture, intriguing history and stunning natural experiences!