With its diving and snorkeling sites which are reputed to be among the very best in the world and the rather surprising presence of a beautiful mangrove forest that far north and quite close to the desert, it is pretty clear that Sharm El Sheikh is a city quite unlike any other in the region. The city which is located on the Sinai Peninsula, actually happens to be its most popular tourist destination. This thriving coastal resort which began life as a tiny fishing hamlet is situated at the peninsula's southernmost tip opposite Tiran Island and directly south of Nabq while El Tor lies to its northwest. If you have been admiring Egypt's plethora of ruins against the backdrop of the red and gold hues of the desert and intend to exchange it all for vividly colored coral reefs, stunning beaches and shady palm trees, you will enjoy every second of your visit in Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharm El Sheikh's abundance of pristine beaches, coral reefs and shimmering sapphire waters make it the polar opposite of the majority of its rivals with their massive ancient complexes, Mamluk mosques and Coptic monasteries. If you have been enjoying the sights and sounds of cities in the latter category and have decided it is high time you put your snorkeling and diving skills to the test, you will find a selection of options at your disposal for getting to the coastal city including air, rail and ferry. Its Sharm El Sheikh Airport is actually the largest in the Sinai region with Cairo and Hurghada being approximately an hour away each. Luxor on the other hand is about a three and half hour flight away while Aswan with its unique southern charm is the furthest away with the quickest flights averaging four hours. Once you arrive in Sharm El Sheikh, you will have the option of taking the fleet of public buses which ply the city daily or even hiring one for a set duration. Taxis are also another great option for getting about while enjoying as much privacy as possible.

Sharm El Sheikh is a snorkeling paradise and Ras Mohammed and Tiran Island in particular are home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the region. These coastal waters also boast an abundance of marine wildlife and locations such as Ras Um Sid and Ras Nasrani are particularly notable for the whale sharks, sea turtles, lion fish and rays which glide gracefully through the coral. It is also possible to book a diving safari with several operators offering additional training and the opportunity to explore far off coral reefs in a more relaxed setting while honing your skills. And thanks to the presence of the SS Thistlegorm, sufficiently experienced divers can get to feel the sense of adventure and discovery that comes with exploring an underwater wreck. If you are determined to experience the Sinai Peninsula to the fullest, booking a desert safari is an excellent idea. Especially since they come with loads of fun options such as camel rides, jeep trips and quad biking while discovering the wild, mysterious beauty of the desert.