Mammoth sized statues, immense temple complexes and secret tombs tell the tale of the dynasties which once ruled in splendour from this city on the banks of the Nile. And thousands of years later, these ruins continue to amaze the modern world every bit as much as they did the ancient. Welcome to Luxor, one of Egypt's many crown jewels. With a name which actually means 'Palaces', it couldn't be more aptly named, thanks to being the location with the greatest number of sprawling ancient complexes. Luxor is located in western Egypt, south of Qus and Quena and east of Kharga. It is also situated north of Esna, Edfu and Aswan. A vacation to this riverside city comes with the opportunity to experience traditional Egyptian hospitality, enjoy a leisurely boat ride along the Nile and explore the vast complex of temples and tombs which dot the desert landscape.  There is simply no doubt that a holiday in this wonderful city is quite unlike any other and will create some of the best memories of your Egyptian trip.

Its impressive collection of trump cards in terms of tourist attractions means that Luxor, in spite of being slightly less populous than its other rivals, is actually one of Egypt's most visited cities and a key flight hub in the region. Visitors who have been exploring Cairo's museums and maze-like bazaars will be able to alight at Luxor International Airport following a one-hour flight. The coastal city of Hurghada, on the other hand is five hours away while Sharm El-Sheikh which is also located on the coast is a three and half hour flight trip away. In Luxor itself, minibuses are the transport mode of choice and each one of them serves a set route.  Renting a motorbike is a viable option and bicycle rentals are even easier thanks to an abundance of shops and hotel schemes dedicated to this purpose. Taxis are also a flexible and convenient means of getting around and are readily available.

In a nation with an abundance of excellently preserved ruins, there is one which stands head and shoulders above them all in sheer size and detail: The Temple Complex of Karnak. The mammoth sized buildings - and their longevity, too - are a testimony to the grandeur and ambition of the sovereigns who ruled the region during Egypt's golden era. Glancing at the colossal halls, it is so easy to imagine that they might have been built by giants and there is no doubt that the hours spent touring this complex of ancient wonders is bound to be one of the highlights of your Egyptian adventure. For a peek at daily life in ancient Egypt, a visit to the Tomb of the Nobles comes highly recommended. The most famous of them all include the tombs of Benia, Menna and Nakht which are especially renowned for their excellent murals depicting the theme in living colour. If you intend to build up your anticipation of walking among these majestic ruins, you can actually book an air balloon tour. You will get to sail the Nile on your way to the embarkation spot before going airborne and admiring Luxor as you float leisurely above the city.